Dear Rachel #2

The second week of my independent study is over and I think progress during this week was slow to start. I didn’t have my computer over the weekend to work on creating the stencils for screenprinting like I wanted to, which meant that Monday I really had to jump in and start working. I hit a major roadblock when it came to this because I didn’t realize how difficult it was going to be to visualize size and dimensions of a three-dimensional object and place it onto a flat computer screen in order to understand if the sizing I wanted was correct. As a result, I really struggled to create stencils that I was happy with to start printing, so I knew that I had to take a step back and re-evaluate the direction I was going in. Even though I’m modeling a lot of my stencils on packaging that already exists in the cosmetics world, creating the images to the right dimensions in order to create a proper box proved to be very difficult.

After a little bit of discussion and some quick analysis of the way that I like to learn, I decided to go and research if there were already templates for makeup packaging on the internet. Luckily I was able to find templates for three of the five products I plan to create. I printed these out to scale and constructed them so I knew how it would translate to in 3D. After taking the measurements of these templates, I decided that scaling up 2.5-3 times larger for the products would be a good size to still translate the idea that these are supposed to be cosmetics products, but still feel awkward to interact with for the viewers.

Constructing the boxes based off of the templates I was able to find also allowed me to get an understanding of where designs needed to go in order to fit with the ideas I had in my head for stencils. However, the biggest issue I’m facing at this point in time is scaling. One of the scales I wanted to work on for the foundation box exceeds the paper size we have available, so I may need to start looking into other sources to print the sheets for me. Additionally, I still need to find templates or a way to measure boxes for the eye shadow palette and single shadows. Because I am such a visual person, I feel as though I may struggle to conceptualize the way these two items need to look for scale, which means I’m going to have to figure out a solution soon in order to start creating the stencils for those.

I had the intention of beginning screenprints today, but unfortunately schedules did not line up, but I think this worked out for the best because I was able to find more templates for boxes and could play around with size and scale in order to begin creating even more stencils. I think Monday I will feel 100% more prepared to begin printing some designs for the lipstick box, and really start going on this project from there.


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