Dear Rachel #4

As I type this I’m currently sitting in the studio waiting for a screen to dry so I can coat it with emulsion. I woke up today with the intention of spending a few hours in the studio getting my final prints ready of my lipstick box to show for my critique on Monday. However, what started out as a few hours as quickly turned into the entire day. The last step I had for the first round of boxes was to add the text onto two sides. This is where everything went wrong.

I had made copies of the text I needed in the library, oiled them up, and went to transfer them onto the screen I had already prepped. For whatever reason, maybe because the copier was set to full color instead of black and white, maybe because the copies I made were with two different quality papers, who really knows, but the stencils did not transfer. Because of that, I had to start all over again with a new screen. It’s in the dryer right now having just been degreased. New stencils were created, and they definitely look darker than the first ones I tried to use. So in another hour or two, we will see if it works this time.

On the bright side of things, I’ve started toying around with the idea of using found objects to use inside of the boxes rather than having to create a whole plethora of boxes inside boxes, etc. I knew that I wanted to use found objects for the lipsticks, but this got me thinking about other found objects that could be swapped out for the makeup. Obviously, this would also make it a lot easier on myself in terms of time, but as I started progressing with the rest of my outer product boxes, if I’m feeling extremely confident in my abilities I may go back to my original ideas.

I’m excited for my critique on Monday because it’s really forced myself to stop procrastinating and stop making excuses and just finally get myself into the studio to work. I think next week I’m going to sit down and make deadlines for myself, like I’ve been saying I’m going to do, so that I can feel pressured to get back into the studio more frequently.


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