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Firstly, for those of you on here who don’t know, this blog was started in conjunction with my independent art study this semester. Without diving too much into the official purpose of the independent study, the main ideas is that I’m spending the semester creating a series of three-dimensional objects that resemble makeup products in order to comment on cruel practices that exist within the supply chain of this industry. The reason being I want to pursue a career in this industry, but I’m also a social entrepreneurship major so I feel compelled to channel my two passions.

Now, with that being said I’ve officially created my first package. I don’t think this is anywhere near finalized, but here is what it looks like thus far. img_8898img_8899img_8900img_8897

This package is a lipstick box, scaled up to almost twice the size. My intention with creating larger products is to create an awkwardness between the product and the viewer. Presumably, the viewers will know what each box is and will, therefore, understand the intention, but will not quite understand why something seems off about holding it. The design for this box takes inspiration from the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick boxes. One thing I noticed when I was searching for inspiration was that all the companies that are not cruelty-free tend to have relatively boring product prints. Even though Urban Decay is cruelty-free, I believe their design had the most to work with in terms of overall message.

The front of the box is covered in red claw marks. When I was printing, this paper got shifted so there is a double transfer of the marks, which is why I chose this box to mock up in case something went wrong. I started with all red for time purposes, but also to see how it looked. I think moving forward I want to switch up the colors of the marks and incorporate blues and purples. The red is obviously meant to signify blood of animal scratches, but I think blues and purples can tie in nicely to that idea as well.

I kept the name of the UD Vice Lipsticks because it’s quite literally perfect for this idea. This independent study is meant to comment on consumer habits and how unaware people are of what is happening further up the process of creating a final good. As I mentioned before, even though UD is cruelty-free, in the context of this course the idea of a vice is simply the idea that a vast amount of consumers who purchase cosmetics are unaware, and that their vice is unknowingly supporting cruelty of animals. This is why the side of the box says “this is my vice.”

The biggest issue I have with this box currently is the spacing. When I was printing the text onto the paper, I worked to center them, but that ended up causing the text to not be centered at all for some strange reason. I have a few ideas on how to fix this, but it also means that the 10 sheets of paper I printed on for this round of prints are all going to be uncentered when the boxes are actually assembled. It’s frustrating that this happened, but at least I can take steps to work towards fixing this for the future.


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