Dear Rachel #5

Well, this past week as been nothing short of hectic. Monday I had my meeting with Ben and he gave me so many great ideas I was so excited to dive headfirst into this project and really start cranking out prints. We talked about the idea of incorporating found objects to go inside the boxes to help make a statement as opposed to creating more boxes, as well as how to go about finding the right scale for the items that I haven’t been able to find templates for online. I knew that up until this point my progress with this independent study had been a little slow, but I think I was just very hesitant to start everything without a clear plan of what I needed to get done. After my meeting with Ben, however, I feel like I really had my direction and was ready to take off.

However, I wasn’t quite able to do that. I found myself spending the following days going in and out of the hospital, quite literally not being able to exert any energy, meaning I was all but useless when it came to working. On some of my better days I was able to hop on amazon to look for petri dishes and spices and other sorts of found objects, but that’s about as much progress as I was able to do. I wasn’t even able to write this journal post for my normally scheduled time!

It’s a new day and I’m starting to feel better, so hopefully I can begin chipping away at everything that needs to be done, especially now that I know what exactly it is I want to accomplish with this project. I’m hoping this setback won’t affect too much my progress in being able to create a series of works that I’m proud of.


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