Dear Rachel #6

It felt good to get into the studio this week and really get my priorities into check. The previous week was rough because I physically could not do much besides lay in bed, and even though I knew this was beneficial for recovery, I couldn’t get my mind off of how much I had left to accomplish. It’s almost spring break here and I don’t even have my first piece fully finished, which is not where I thought I would be at this point. That realization was really a wake-up call to stop letting myself slack off, and instead push myself to spend the hours before class in the studio hammering out prints.

For me, the process of creating prints is easy, because it’s so repetitive and something that I know I can do without putting much thought into it because it really has become muscle memory. The worst part for me is all the preparation that comes before the actual printing process, especially within a shared space. With a limited amount of screens, it means that I can really only work on one project at a time, which is good in the sense that it will force me to get one piece completed before moving onto the next, but it’s also a bit of a struggle to work around because instead of being able to immediately start the next product I have to go through the whole process of reclaiming screens, coating them, and all the waiting time added for drying everything. Clearly, this process is a big test of my patience, but now that I’ve finally gotten my priorities in check, I’m really, and I do mean it this time, going to push myself to get out of my room and get into the studio whenever it’s available so that I can create works that I’m happy about and that communicate the message I want, rather than having to rush to get everything ready at the last minute because I decided to be a lazy senior.


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