Dear Rachel #7

This week we finally set a date for my exhibition for April 25th, which means we’re looking at four weeks to finish four new projects. Before spring break the week before last I was able to finish my first project for the lipstick box, so now I have a really good understanding of how to glue the boxes, prep the screens and do the screenprinting in a timely manner, which will hopefully help to get everything else done that I need to. At this stage in the semester, it’s less about wanting to spend time in the studio and more about needing to in order to present a set of works that I enjoy.

One of the aspects we talked about on Friday during my midterm review was playing around with text on the boxes apart from product names and such. This is something I had not considered, but I think it opens up a lot of room to play around. I think it would be interesting to add text, and this could be a good chance to incorporate the laws that some countries have about animal testing when it comes to the cosmetics industry. I’m going to start playing around with different text options and researching what sort of text is usually on cosmetics packaging to hopefully get some inspiration for this.

Additionally, something I want to start doing more of is research and more posts about what I’m uncovering during this project. I started off really strong doing that, almost as a means of avoiding actually printing, but now it’s fallen behind. Since this is a field that I want to get into after graduating from Rollins, I think it would be good to keep researching it in order to understand the full issue and see if there are any gaps in how to fix it. Those research posts have really been helping me become more educated and informed on this issue that is important to me so that I can actually present knowledgeable opinions and arguments to people when I talk to them about why I’m passionate about ending animal cruelty. There’s a lot here that I would like to get accomplished within the next four weeks, and I know it’s all possible to do so I just have to push myself in order to get things done.


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