Completed Work #1

After a very successful meeting with a visiting artist, I went back to create some changes in order to create my final series of the lipstick tubes. The biggest change I made was in regards to the text on the actual box. The text on the original series of prints I created was taken directly from the product packaging I used to model the design off of. I did this because I liked the word “vice” and how it tied nicely into my commentary of consumer purchasing habits in regards to staying ignorant of the practices that are often used to get the finished product onto the shelf. However, when talking to the visiting artist he mentioned there may be synonyms for vice that could be used to create a more direct message in regards to what I was trying to get at. Looking through a list of synonyms for vice I came across the words corruption, sin, wrong, and ill. I felt like corruption was the strongest word to display on the front of the box because in today’s society it has so many connotations, but is also very fitting for the main idea.

On the other side of the box that contained text, I changed it from saying “this is my vice” to saying one of three things; “this is ill,” “this is wrong,” or “this is ill,” to act a both a commentary on the purchasing habits, but also to serve as lipstick names as well. For the final display I plan to lay out a series of five boxes, but inside three of them will be medical syringes filled with a substance (gel polish) to create a sensation of actually interacting with products as if the viewer was shopping, but also cause them to question the significance of the syringes and wonder what purpose they may serve within animal testing. Each of the three syringes is filled with a different colored substance to go along with the ideas of being different “shades” within the product range.

For the slash marks on the front, I kept the red that appeared in the first round of printing, as it is indicative of blood and getting cut. However, I added blue in as an additional printing to create depth within the box, but also to represent the color of blood before it interacts with oxygen within a body. I liked the way this turned out, especially on the final five boxes, because it created a nice three-dimensional affect on the box and adds some nice layers as well. I’m happy with the way this first round of boxes came out, especially for being my first time. I got a lot of really good feedback during critiques and meetings and I’m excited to utilize them to create a series of works that really demonstrates the ideas I’m trying to get across.



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