Dear Rachel #8

This week I started working through my second work, which will be due this coming Monday. I decided that in order to meet the deadline I had it would be easier to print a bunch of different prints on different colored paper and working with one color scheme for ink as opposed to trying to create a bunch of different objects on different shades of paper, each with a different ink scheme. This proved to be a little difficult because I chose four different colors that were really hard to find an ink that worked with all of them. Because of this, I realized I’m going to have to be spending a lot more down time waiting for screens to dry this weekend, but it will be worth it because I’m really happy with how the prints are turning out so far.

I worked to incorporate some of the ideas we had talked about during my midterm critique, and I liked the way they looked on the photoshopped stencil, so I can’t wait to see how it will contribute to an assembled work and make my statement stronger. One of the things we talked about during our critique was maybe having an ingredients list and not making it visible or barely visible from a distance. I tested this effect today with using black text on navy blue paper. This text was printed on top of a white pattern so it is clear that there is something additional there for the viewers to interact with, so hopefully, that will encourage them to look closer at the objects. I still have one stencil left to finalize, but then other than that I think I’m now in a really good place with everything to just keep printing and working through these next couple of pieces.



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