Dear Rachel #9

After a few setbacks this week I was finally able to get my third work almost completed. I say almost because I blew out the text I was planning on putting on this piece while I was washing it out, but I’ll be in the studio tomorrow to fix that, which means that by the end of Saturday my third piece will be finished. I’ve decided that I’m going to get all my objects printed before I start assembling them because the assembly process is tedious but necessary, so I would rather leave those finishing steps for the end when I can take my time knowing that everything else is finished.

I also want to get everything finished so that I can start making and putting together the small touches, like making objects to go inside the box, along with supplemental materials like a video and some gondola pieces like they have in actual makeup stores to promote my pieces. It’s been somewhat difficult to get myself focused on this work, especially at the start of the week when I found out the plans I had for my future didn’t quite work out, which was a bit discouraging. But, now I’ve found a good rhythm and I find myself speeding through the printmaking process, while still being able to deliver quality prints.

I’m excited to slowly start to get everything fitted together for my exhibition, and I’m actually ahead of schedule right now, which is reassuring to hear since the rest of my classes start getting hectic. My friends and family have been good sources of motivation to produce quality works because everyone seems very excited to come and see what I’ve been working on all semester. Now it’s really just about getting myself into head rhythms with areas outside of printmaking to pull everything together.


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