Completed Work #2

Today marks exactly two weeks until my art exhibition, and at this point, I have only one work left to finish, along with the items to go inside the boxes. I will be posting updates of the third and fourth works once they are assembled next week, but for now, I am just trying to work through the printing process before going back to assembling the boxes.

This second work is supposed to be a mascara package and draws inspiration from a few different Tarte products for the design elements. The print in the background is cheetah print, but instead of being the solid spots like a normal cheetah, the spots are instead made up of rat and rabbit footprints, to create the half-tone appearance that is on the box. Originally I wanted it to be more obvious that the print was made up of these smaller footprint images, but conceptually manipulating this design was harder than I anticipated, but I still really enjoy the effects. On the box, it is a bit harder to depict the larger image of the cheetah spots, so I plan to display two flattened prints from this series to hopefully help people make that connection.

For the title, I looked up synonyms of the word decay and came across the three words depicted on the front of the box. I chose these words because they help draw implications of animal testing as they can usually be found within any article that talks about the process of animal testing. I chose to use synonyms for decay because that is essentially what happens to the animals during this process, especially in regards to eye testing for cosmetic products. Some animals are unfortunate enough to be exposed to many different chemical substances, which break down their eyes, eluding to the corrosion and irritation.

Lastly, one side of the box has an ingredients list, along with an image of a dead rat. During my midterm review, my advisor Rachel mentioned playing around with ideas such as an ingredients list or the leaping bunny certification images to create a greater illusion to makeup packages. The ingredients list on the back is taken from an actual mascara product that exists in the market. However, mixed in with the actual ingredients used are things such as steel wire residue and the Draize Test. These items are things that are used within animal testing, where the Draize Test is the name of the eye test conducted, and steel wire residue is often left behind in the animals tear ducts once their eyes are sewn shut. I chose to weave them into the ingredients instead of creating my own from scratch because I think it’ll create a more visceral reaction from people reading the box when they come across items that don’t seem like it belongs. The dead rat on the bottom is meant to act like the leaping bunny certification, but be more along the lines of the idea that this product is certified to kill animals, which is often what happens once animals have served their purpose for testing.

For this series, I printed on four different colored papers; green, white, pink, and navy blue. I tried to stick with the same color inks for all the colors because some colors don’t show up as strong on some of the papers, which will hopefully cause the viewers to interact with the objects more in order to better understand the intent and purpose of this series of works.



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