Dear Rachel #10

I have officially finished the screenprinting process for all of my works today. This weekend my plan is to film the video I want to have displayed during my exhibition. I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to do for this video apart from the fact that I will be doing people’s makeup. I have been debating between two ideas; either painting people to look like animals, or painting them to look disheveled and beat up almost. I might try and incorporate both ideas into the video, but I think this will really be determined by the number of people I have available who will let me paint them.

Additionally this weekend I’m going to create posters or gondola displays as they’re referred to in the beauty retail world. These are the display posters you see when you enter into Sephora or ULTA that are advertising a brands’ most recent collection. I have a general idea of what I want to do for this display but I’d rather just let it be organic but definitely still try to incorporate some of the ideas I already have. Along with creating the giant gondola display, I thought about creating individual posters for each of the works that incorporate the design elements used within the screen printing process. Whether I create them or not will really come down to how much free time I have this weekend to create extra works.

I’m feeling really good about the spot I’m in because I still have a whole week and four days to get everything finalized for my exhibition and that is more than enough because right now it’s just coming down to creating the final touches and assembling everything and I think the whole show will come together really well.


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