Dear Rachel #11

Yesterday was my exhibition, which means that my final semester of college is finally coming to an end, which is weird to say. I spent an entire semester on this independent study, so being able to show it off was really exciting, especially because it was about a cause that I’m very passionate about. However, there’s still a fair amount of work to do with this before I can say that I’m officially done, for now.

In the midsts of preparing this show, this website fell a little behind, so now it’s time to catch up. I have a few updated work posts to get up, along with posting my video, my artist statement, and a post about the exhibition itself. The semester itself comes to an end next Tuesday, so between then and now this website will be shown a lot of love. Although yesterday was the exhibition itself, there’s still improvements that can be made, especially to the artist statement and towards explaining thoroughly my intentions behind each work, which is something we talked about at the show yesterday. I want to make sure that I leave this semester feeling like I truly explained everything I wanted to achieve for this independent study because it may prove to be useful in unpacking my feelings towards the cosmetics industry as a whole and help me focus my ideas when I finally decide to start my own company.

Looking towards the future, I do want to maintain this website, even if it’s just weekly posts about articles I’ve found about the cosmetics industry. I think this project as really helped me push myself to explore this industry further and gain actual facts rather than relying on what blogs and other individuals are telling me. For now, I’m happy that my show was a success, but now it’s time to sit down and get everything onto this website so that my message and my work can each a larger audience.


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