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I had my exhibition show yesterday for my independent study, which I have been working on all semester. As the semester is drawing to a close I will be posting finished work posts, along with information like my artist statement and materials used during my show. This is one such post.

When I first started my journey into a cruelty-free lifestyle, I was getting frustrated when people would feign interest or even empathy for the cause, but continue to go and buy products from companies that supported animal testing. I know that I’m not going to change everyone’s lifestyle, but I think that the idea of animal testing is something that people don’t get passionate about because it’s not something that is advertised frequently, or even mentioned in mainstream media as often as other social issues are.

Because of this, I knew that for my show I wanted to create a video that got to the root of these ideas. At first, it was going to be something very G-rated, like me painting my friends’ faces to look like beat up animals. However, that proved to be too difficult to organize, but also it didn’t touch on my point as strongly as I would have liked. During my research into what actually happened during animal testing trials, I stumbled across a video from the BUAV (now known as Cruelty Free International) that included undercover footage from inside a lab.

After seeing this video, I immediately had my idea. I was going to film myself doing my daily makeup routine, and intersperse videos from this BUAV video. My intention behind this video was to create a juxtaposition between the mundane activity (for me at least) of doing my makeup, with the atrocities that are occurring in this labs, to inspire a commentary on the idea of ignorance behind consumer habits, and that many people do not know what happens before some products are released to market. Additionally, I wanted people to come face to face with the realities of the conditions within the labs.

Below you will find the video that I created for this exhibition. Underneath the video will be the full BUAV video if you want to watch that. The songs used are Musique par le ballon by Emil Berliner and Space Me Out feat. Egle Sirvydyte (Mario Basanov Remix) by Downtown Party Network.


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