Completed Work #2 – Amendment

I know I’ve already made a post about my second completed work for my art show, but I wanted to make an additional post because I have made an update to this series. Much like the first completed work I did, I made some objects to go inside the box, so I wanted to take the time to talk about that here.

When I was going about doing research and getting inspiration for the works I was going to complete, I was talking to one of my friends, whose mother actually worked in a lab where they did animal tests. One of the things my friend said her mom did was sew the animal’s eyes shut every night after they ran the tests, and then unsewed them every morning. When I was reflecting on this, the first thought that came into my head was a mascara tube, but instead of the mascara wand when you unscrewed the top, there was a needle with bloodied animal fur attached to it.

Once I had the idea of mascara, I began researching mascara packages that were currently being sold right now in order to draw inspiration from their packaging to incorporate into my designs. I have always loved the Tarte packaging because of all the connections they to nature within their packaging, so my design aesthetics for this mascara came from their Maneater and Lights, Camera Flashes mascaras, including the use of animal print, the ingredients list, and the layout of the product name text on the front. It was my intention in utilizing these design aesthetics that someone who was passionate about makeup could view this work and draw connections between my packaging and the packaging of the Tarte products.

However, I wanted to work on a larger scale than normal products because once an individual was able to draw connections between my design aesthetic and current products they would understand what the product was supposed to be, but that there was a sense of awkwardness with what they were interacting with during my exhibition. I want this sense of awkwardness in the package size to cause people to be uncomfortable and have to take a second to reevaluate their perceptions of the cosmetics industry.

Additionally, my intention with creating the products to go inside was to create a visceral reaction from the viewers who opened the tubes and were confronted with this bloodied fur. When I first presented this idea to Ben during our discussion he was immediately excited, and during my show (since I am writing this after my exhibition has already happened), those who opened the tubes had the reaction I expected. So many people were taken aback by the fur because it’s not what you’re expecting when you open a black bottle, especially one that is meant to represent a mascara tube. I wanted people to be confronted by the atrocities of the cosmetics industry and the animal testing that is involved in some stage of the supply chain, so I’m really happy with the way this turned out.


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