What Comes Next?

So, originally I had started this blog in conjunction with my senior year independent study for my studio art minor. However, I always intended it to go beyond that, which is why during the course of the independent study I did reflections on articles I found. However, it is now June, meaning my independent study is over, along with my college career.

A little update about where I’m at in life: I’ve moved to New York and am currently interning with a company that isn’t in the cosmetics industry. The decision to accept this position was difficult as I had always planned on entering right into the industry I wanted to be in. But, it proved harder to get a response back from most companies I applied to, so I accepted the internship position in the hopes of both learning something and making larger connections that could lead me into the cosmetics industry,

Ok, so that brings me to the big questions: what comes next. My plan with this blog is pretty simple. I want to continue writing reflections on articles and research I’ve found about the cosmetics industry and animal testing. I don’t want to say this will turn into a diary of ideas and intentions for myself when/if I decide to start my own company, but hopefully, in doing research and using this space as a form of reflection I will be able to dig deeper into certain feelings and intentions I have in regards to this industry. By doing so, I do hope to become more concise and clear with my own vision for my future in cosmetics and potentially one day be able to come out on the other side with methods and ideas that can benefit many. So, now I embark on the next journey in my life in the Big Apple.


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