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So three months ago I graduated college, and then a month after that I was packing up and moving to New York to start an internship. While in college I had been pumping myself up to move to the city for a while because my mom had constantly been telling me the city was where I needed to be if I wanted to get into the cosmetics world. I took her opinion as fact because she used to be in the cosmetics industry, and she’s my mother, so I will pretty much do whatever she tells me. I didn’t want to move to the city, but I knew the most opportunities would be here, so I knew that I would end up here.

However, I didn’t think that I would be in the city doing an internship. Instead, I had a plan mapped out where I would graduate college and go to FIT and complete another two years of college for their Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Merchandising major (yeah it’s a mouthful, definitely would make my resume two pages, I get it). Obviously, that plan did not come to fruition, because I was deemed not worthy and was rejected (well I was waitlisted then taken off the waitlist because they wouldn’t get to my name, whatever I’m not salty about it clearly).

Sure, I was a little upset by that, but I applied to a fuck ton of jobs and accepted this internship three days after I had graduated. I was finally fulfilling this dream of moving to the city, and I thought I was about to start living my best life. That wasn’t true because I’ve now been here exactly two months and have made NOT ONE friend. Don’t feel bad for me, I’m getting a dog to make up for it.

Anyway, to get to the point of this blog, my mom suggested I look into continuing education programs offered at schools in the city, most notably FIT or Parsons. FIT has a certificate program in sustainable packaging where I will now have a chance to interact with like-minded individuals who may want to be my friend, I hope.

If you cared enough to follow this blog from the beginning, you would know that I originally created this site in conjunction with an independent study I was doing my senior year of college that focused on package design and using this to create a commentary about sustainable practices within the cosmetics industry, especially in regards to animal testing. I was also a Social Entrepreneurship major, which involves a big emphasis on sustainable business practices. Basically, this program is what my college career would look like if everything I studied had a baby.

I obviously think the issue of sustainability is huge because I majored in it, but in an industry, like cosmetics, there needs to be a greater focus on this. If you think about all the products you use on just a daily basis alone, you should realize the amount of plastic that takes. And how all of your products come in nice little boxes decorated so beautifully, just to be thrown away. It’s impossibly ridiculous to think you can change the habits of all consumers to get them to recycle, but cosmetic companies can do their part to decrease their environmental impact by using sustainable compacts, boxes, whatever. Even if the consumers don’t recycle, whatever they’re throwing away may not be as damaging as regular products are.

I don’t know many companies that advertise a use of sustainable packaging besides Tarte (they should sponsor me honestly I talk about them all the time, or just give me a job that works too). Now, I haven’t looked into any companies that may advertise this because I’m trying to save money (remember I mentioned a dog) so I don’t want to go down that makeup rabbit hole on the internet, but I’m sure there are indie companies out there that do advertise their use of sustainable packaging, and I think it’s important that more companies start being vocal.

This industry is huge, like multi billion dollars huge, and does have the ability to influence large groups, I mean look at the way they can manipulate target markets through advertisement. Consumer habits are for the most part relatively unsustainable for the long run, but I think that if large industries, or even huge powers within large industries, like L’oreal or Proctor and Gamble, became vocal about practices they use that show they’re doing their part to increase sustainability, this could have the possibility of creating huge waves in the way other industries begin to shape and model their production habits.

I start class on the 29th of August like the rest of my friends still in college, so I’ll be keeping this place updated about what I’m learning/doing/feeling if anyone truly cares.


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