Beauty School Dropout

This is about as clicky-baity as we’ll get over here. No, I’m not technically a beauty school drop out, but there have been some interesting changes to my life in terms of school. A few posts back I mentioned that I had registered to take a night course at FIT in order to work towards a certificate in Sustainable Package Design. I was v excited, considering I had dedicated an entire semester in undergrad to that very topic, and that I want to pursue a career in cosmetics trying to be sustainable. However, two days before I was scheduled to start that course, I got an email saying it was canceled.

Now, that doesn’t mean that my chances of achieving this certificate are over forever because, like any college program, there will be courses offered in future semesters for me to take. Of course, I was disappointed that it was canceled, but I had little time for disappointment because as I was scrolling through my LinkedIn feed a few days later I stumbled across an advertisement for FIT. It was a sponsored post for an upcoming online program they’re introducing called “Beauty Industry Essentials.”

This 7-course program is co-taught by FIT professors and experts from the beauty industry, including Bobbi Brown, L’Oreal, Mac, and editors from Allure Magazine. The courses revolve around learning the basics of the industry, from package design to marketing. Needless to say, this was everything I could ever imagine and MORE. I had been rejected from FIT for a program that contained the same core structure as this program, but now I have the freedom to learn at my own rate over the next year.

This isn’t #spon although honestly, I could gush over this program for DAYS because I think it’s such an incredible opportunity. The cosmetics industry is a YUGE billion dollar industry, and there is constantly so much room for improvement (like with Fenty Beauty, we’ll touch on that next week). There are so many individuals who are so passionate about this industry and are eager to get there hands into it, whether that be to help an existing company or start their own in order to fill needs that aren’t being acknowledged.

You have a whole community online on both YouTube and Instagram dedicated to individuals talking about and using products. Of course, these people, for the most part, are not professional makeup artists or are not actually in the industry, but cosmetics is an industry where you don’t necessarily NEED to be a professional in order to know; you learn from purchasing and from experimenting and trying, which is, in turn, driving sales and making makeup companies very happy. And this sort of process is satisfying a lot of individuals. People can make money off of documenting their process and journey with makeup, so naturally, they’re happy to stay and continue doing this.

However, you have those individuals who haven’t made it and may not ever make it through social media. I want to learn about the beauty industry from successful professional. I have a desire to learn really and a need to keep learning until I feel ready to launch my stuff. Of course, there’s a hesitation to become an entrepreneur and create something new because the idea of taking risks and putting myself out there is scary, but it is programs like this that give access to the type of knowledge you need to feel comfortable. I wasn’t accepted into the college program, but I was able to sign up for this course and know that I’m getting a comparable experience and hopefully will come out of it feeling like I know that I can accomplish creating my own line without having big names behind me (or maybe it’ll even help me get a job because honestly, that would be pretty dope, too). I’m planning on starting this course mid-October once I take my personal training exam, so expect lots of updates and insights from there.


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