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I would like to apologize in advance for any unusually terrible spelling or grammar mistakes this post may contain, for some reason my vision is v blurry and I can’t seem to fix it. Now, let’s get into my woke ramblings.

So about a month ago it was announced that Colourpop would be coming to select Sephora stores for the 2017 Holiday Season. Although we now know that this will be an exclusive line just for Sephora, before no one really knew if it was going to be new products or their classics like the Ultra Matte Lips and SuperShock Shadows.

I’ve been a huge fan of Colourpop now since my Junior year of college, which was a little over two years ago now. I first heard about it from one of my sorority sisters, but was a little skeptical to purchase something that was exclusively sold on line. I’ve had my fair share of incidents in store alone when I haven’t been able to swatch a product and have then been disappointed by the results. Adding in an extra factor of not even being able to see the product in person adds a new level of difficulty.

Colourpop really went big when matte liquid lipsticks were becoming the trend. I’ve had an on-again-off-again relationship with lipsticks so I never really fucked with the liquid lipstick trend at first. I don’t even know how I got convinced into making my first Colourpop purchase, I can only assume it was during one of their frequent 20% off sales, but I’m sure glad I made that leap.

The Ultra Matte Lips have become a staple in my everyday makeup routine, especially because I work for 9 hours a day and can’t be bothered to think about touching up a product throughout this time. There are a lot of polarized views on this liquid lipstick product because the truth of it is, they are extremely drying if you don’t take the right precautionary steps. But I love them because they stay on and don’t come off until you scrub (I find an oil-based remover does the trick in seconds.)

Due to the success of their Ultra Matte Lips, Colourpop blew up and created variations of this product called Ultra Satin, Ultra Glossy, and eventually Ultra Blotted. They expanded their line of Lippie Stix into Matte, Glossy, Creme, and Blotted to name a few. They created matching Lip Liners, delved into Eyeshadows, Highlighters, Blushes, Bronzers, Palettes, Eyebrows, Brushes, and most recently concealers.

However, despite their massive success and incredible transparency through their social media platforms, one thing still holds this company back in my opinion, and that is the fact that they remain exclusively an online brand. While all retail experiences are a very tactile thing, this is especially true for cosmetics. With clothes, while many prefer to go into stores, feel the materials, try things on, and then make a purchase, it is definitely easier to create a similar online shopping experience for clothes than it is with makeup.

Colourpop has done well in the past showing swatches of their products on different skin tones, but that only does so much. They’ve recently started adding videos of lip swatches for newer products, but again that only goes so far. The color that people see on screen is not guaranteed to be the same color you see when you apply the products to your lips. Even with the swatches, the pH of your lips, and the undertone as well, are drastically different than that of your arm.

My friend and I are both in love with the Ultra Matte Lip in Trap, and we’re both of the same skin complexion, however on my lips it looks more like a brown nude, but on my friends’ lips it looks more like a brown-purple, simply due to the difference in pH and undertones of our lips. Discrepancies like that are what make it difficult for online brands to be as successful as they could be.

I’m not saying Colourpop isn’t successful because it’s incredibly obvious that they are TREMENDOUSLY successful, I’m just saying that limiting yourself to being exclusively online is limiting their potential to being an even larger success. That’s why when I heard they were coming to Sephora I was excited. Finally, people are going to have a chance to go into a physical location and interact with this line of cosmetics. There’s no news know as to what sort of products they’re going to be releasing for this line, but I can only imagine it’ll be successful. I just hope they keep the iconic Colourpop pricing, because that is a huge selling point for their company, and a market that Sephora is missing in their stores.

I’m hoping that if this is successful they’ll start releasing their best-sellers into retail locations, or even open up a pop-up shop somewhere for these products, so that people can come in and play around with the products to see what shades they like, and even get color matched for their concealer, which I’ve heard amazing things about. I think this is a really big step for their company, and just another indication that while brick-and-mortar retail has been trending on a decrease over the past couple of years, there are certain industries that depend on this sort of business in order for customers to really get the best experience possible.


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