Corporate [Social] Responsability

A blog post on a SUNDAY? Yes, that can only mean one thing: yesterday did not go exactly as planned. I have a friend in town this weekend and yesterday’s brunch turned into three hours of alcohol-fueled laziness that fostered nothing but unproductivity, and I certainly didn’t plan ahead for that.

I’m studying for my personal training exam, which I’ll be taking in 2 weeks from today, and I am far from prepared. As a result, I need to dedicate a solid couple of hours today to study. For this reason, this specific blog post is going to be short. I want to talk about a series of posts I’ll be writing about the idea of corporate social responsibility and how different companies interpret that idea.

In today’s society, many companies have started feeling the pressure of providing transparency in the ways their company gives back to the earth and society. A new generation of informed consumers have caused many shifts in the way shopping is done, and the considerations that go into choosing competing products. Often times, products that come from companies that are transparent about where their ingredients come from, their labor, where proceeds may go, etc., are selected over competing products that don’t market their efforts, regardless of the reputation they may hold.

Through this serious of blog posts, I want to exam companies within the cosmetics and beauty world and look at the steps they’re taking to appeal to this growing generation of consumers. There are companies out there that take incredible steps towards helping and giving back to society but have yet to go cruelty-free. I want to look at why that is, and see if there is any justification for this. Maybe their charity efforts are a way to divert attention from the fact they’re not cruelty-free or maybe profits are truly more important than being completely sustainable and beneficial.

I’m working on compiling a list of companies who market transparency in regards to social efforts, and articles about these efforts, to analyze their operations. These companies may be cruelty-free or not, which will help create a deeper discussion of can a company truly be benefiting society if they maintain practices that are damaging to some sectors. I hope I can shed some light on the inner workings of this multi-billion dollar industry and would love to hear anyone else’s’ thoughts and opinions on the matter as we discuss this over the course of the next few weeks.


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