Dropping Wisdom

Hey, hi, hello, it’s been awhile! I wish I had some crazy story that would be completely excusable for why I didn’t post, as if anyone cares, but I’ll be honest with you here. My wisdom teeth are growing in and I didn’t move all weekend because it’s painful. I finally understand why babies cry all the time because teething is NOT PLEASANT. I’m fully surprised my wisdom teeth are growing in because my dentist said this would never happen, but here we are.

Since my wisdom teeth are growing in, I thought I’d take this time to drop some knowledge for all you out there. It’s also an excuse for me to talk about something that has been frustrating me all week, but this is my blog and I can do whatever I damn please with it.

This past Monday I was working on the second course of the FIT program I signed up for. The first course in the program was just background about the rise of the cosmetics industry, so it’s really nothing worth blogging around. However, each course features a section that involves professionals in the industry giving advice about how to succeed, what they wish they knew before, etc. One of the comments that was made by one of these individuals struck a chord with me, and I have not been able to go back to this course since.

The comment made was something along the lines of, “If you come from a business background and demonstrate a passion for this industry, there’s a job for you.” Now, we all well know that I come from a business background. In fact I come from an entrepreneurship background, which ticks off the “innovation” that every company is looking for these days. I also definitely have a passion for this industry. I catered my last semester of college to being centered around practices in the cosmetics industry, and have started this blog to talk about the cosmetics industry.

So, you should infer that, based on the comment of this industry leader, that I should be working in cosmetics. Well, I applied to 52 jobs before graduation, and at least 20 more since moving to New York, and not once have I gotten an interview. Not even after adding this FIT course to my resume. No, I’m not saying that a job should be handed to be on a golden platter because one woman in the industry said things that match with my background, but I would think that these characteristics would at least spark some sort of interest.

That, kids, is the moral of this tangent. You may be that perfect candidate or option for something, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to get it 100% of the time. It doesn’t even mean that you’re going to be considered for it. Again, I’m not saying I’m the perfect candidate for every cosmetics job I’ve applied to but I think I’m pretty damn near close. I need to start doing these FIT courses again because they’re really informative and can help, but I’m sure you can all see that it’s frustrating when someone describes the “ideal candidate” for an industry you want to break into, and it matches everything about you and yet you’re struggling.

I’ve been working on staying positive this year, so I’m going to try that. I love the internship I’m with and would love if that could result in a full-time position. Maybe in a year or two once I’m more financially secure I can just start my company, go all in, learn from my idols and just do it instead of sitting around waiting for a company to choose me like a middle schooler waiting to be picked in gym class. But who knows, there’s still a lot more living and a lot more uncertainty left to deal with.


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