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As you’re reading this, if anyone is reading this, I’m in Sunny Flo Rida celebrating my best friend’s birthday. But now, as I’m typing this it’s currently Monday the 6th at 9:18pm. I’ve been up since 5:50 this morning and I’m tired AF so just bear with me here. Yesterday I went to get my eyebrows done at the Anastasia Brow Studio at the Sephora on 5th Ave (Shouts Out Candance you the real MVP). I saw that the Colourpop collection was dropping at Sephora and I promised my friends in Florida I would send them pics of it so they could decide if it was worth hauling ass 30 minutes to the mall to spend money.

I’ve talked about my thoughts and opinions on Colourpop and their collection with Sephora before. I love Colourpop as a company, I think they’ve established themselves as in industry disruptor, especially considering that before this they’ve exclusively been sold online, so clients have no idea what they’re purchasing. However, the cheap price points give some reassurance that even if it isn’t what you thought you were buying, it was only $6 out of the bank (and can easily be returned or re-gifted.)

When I heard they were coming to Sephora I was ecstatic. A lot of their products are hit or miss, especially in terms of the color pigmentation on different lips/skin tones etc. I’ve mentioned before that some shades look one color on me and a completely different color on my friend. Or that some people LOVE the fact that the matte liquid lips are transfer-proof while others hate it. Like all cosmetics, it’s hit or miss, and it’s really something that should be played around with before buying. So, based on this I figured Colourpop would drop their best-sellers, their iconic products, the things that they’re known for that people want to interact with.

Sure, that might’ve been naive to think that people who care about the Colourpop at Sephora launch wouldn’t ALREADY have opinions of their lippies and favorite products. However, to say that I expected the launch to be ENTIRELY eyeshadows is an understatement. I wasn’t paying super close attention to their Instagram over the past few weeks while they were announcing and revealing products for this collection. I had seen a big push towards eyeshadow palettes and single shadows, etc.

So, come Sunday I strolled into my Sephora, got my eyebrows done, and headed back downstairs to find this display. I didn’t think it was going to be huge, but I didn’t expect it to be SO TINY. It was literally hidden between the Sephora Collection and a Fragrance Wall, and there were about 12 eyeshadow palette displayed on a cardboard gondola. No, I don’t have pictures because that would be too convenient.

As a fan, I’m disappointed because I don’t associate Colourpop to be an eyeshadow brand. I know there are people who love their shadows, but I don’t care. I’m disappointed because this huge brand was launching in stores for the first time ever and it was shoved in a corner, and barely stocked with products that are not it’s best. Personally, I think eyeshadows are easy to buy online. Sure, you’d like to see the pigmentation, fall out, feel the texture, etc. But, in the long run, this brand produces so many other products that deserved to be interacted with that are not eyeshadows. There was so much room for opportunity here to really push Colourpop sales into a brick and mortar platform to attract more customers to interact with and purchase an incredible product at an entry price point, but they really dropped the ball on this one.

Obviously, I didn’t pick up anything from that collection, and from the conversation’s I’ve had with my friends in the last 24 hours it doesn’t sound like any of them are too thrilled that this launch was all eyeshadows. But, that’s just my opinion. Now, if you don’t mind I’m off to go to sleep so I can get through the week and make it to Disney alive.


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