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Hello from 2018 everyone, hope ya’ll had a great New Years! As for me, I spent it the same way I always do, with a pizza and New Year’s Eve the movie, followed by brunch, which is now completely vegan and gluten-free, so I guess they’re really jumping on the “new year new me” trend.

Remember when I said the next post I had would be makeup related? Well, that was a total lie, as I’m sure we all expected given the track record for this blog. I’m home in Boston, as I have been since my internship ended two weeks ago. During that time, I’ve done some soul-searching about what I want in 2018, and I’ve decided to channel my passions and creative energies fully into this blog.

That’s not to say that I won’t go and find a job because I still need to make money somehow. Instead, I’ve decided to take the direction of this blog and make it more about what I want and what I love. Makeup is still a huge passion of mine, and I’m going to continue talking about that industry. However, I’m now integrating my passion for the health and wellness industry.

What do these changes exactly mean for this blog? Well, now instead of one post a week (or every other week), I’ll be doing two posts a week, one on Monday’s and another on Friday’s. Monday will be called “Makeup Monday’s”, which is where I’ll talk about the cosmetics industry, products I’m liking, post assignments for the FIT course I’m doing, etc. etc. Friday’s will be called “Fitness Friday’s” and will contain such things as my health and fitness goals, weekly workouts, meal preps, and so on.

So yes, my blog is now becoming 50% cosmetics and 50% fitness, but that’s exactly the kind of person I am. I’m hoping this blog will help me become more accountable for my own health and fitness goals, while maybe helping others set some accomplishments in motion. Additionally, I want to use this as a forum to help unpack more my ideas and feelings about the cosmetics industry, to understand techniques and practices I think are successful and could apply to my own company and those which I would rather stay away from. I want to start conversations and discussions, not just spout sentences that don’t mean anything.

Two posts a week seem like a lot, considering I could hardly even maintain one a week, but I know that if I want to do this, I have to commit to it fully. Now, I’m off to try and get rid of this food baby, submit some resumes, and write down some New Years resolutions. See you all on Friday for my first Fitness Friday.



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