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Hi. Hey. Hello! Welcome to the first installment of my “new and improved” blog. I hope all my fellow northeasterners survived the bomb cyclone or whatever they decided to call it. I’m currently in Boston waiting to head back to New York, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed that my flight isn’t canceled. Anyway, enough about this weather, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

As I mentioned in my last post, I want to start posting more about my fitness routine, my dietary plans etc. Mostly as a way to keep myself accountable this year, but also maybe to help some people along the way. I am a certified personal trainer, but that doesn’t mean I have it all figured out yet because I really don’t. I know how to do the exercise thing really well, but the diet and nutrition stuff is where I really fall off the wagon.

So, what can we expect with these Fitness Friday posts? Well, plenty of things! I want to do physique updates, post my weekly workout plans, talk about my dietary and fitness goals for 2018, post about my meal prep and snacks, and maybe even do some Q + A’s and help create workout plans for some of you guys out there!

I wanted this post to be my beginning physique update for 2018, but my scale is in my apartment in New York, and I don’t have a tape measure yet so my first official physique update will come whenever I’m officially done traveling this month. For now, let’s tackle my fitness and dietary goals for 2018.

My fitness goals for 2018:

  • Do an unassisted body-weight squat. My gym doesn’t have a smith machine, and my knee’s and hips have never been strong enough to squat over 100 pounds regularly, so I want to accomplish this in 2018.
  • Deadlift 200 pounds. My PB at the moment is 185…0r 175 I don’t remember. But it also might be less than that because TBQH I don’t know how heavy the barbells in my gym are because it sucks. Anyway, 200 is what I want to get up to.
  • Do an unassisted pull-up. My upper body was never a priority of mine until halfway through this year. I’ve been utilizing the assisted pull-up machines (which is one of the only pieces of equipment my gym has that’s not cardio which is wild), but 2018 I want to be able to have a strong enough back to be able to do it all on my own.

My dietary goals for 2018:

  • Lose 15 pounds by alumni weekend (the last weekend of March). Obviously, I’m out here to come back looking better than I did during my four years at college. It’s healthy to lose about 1-2 pounds per week, so if I stick to that I can definitely lose the weight and maintain it within the next 3 months.
  • Cut out dairy. This is v important because I’m 89% sure I’m lactose intolerant, but I also have an extreme love for all things dairy (except milk, which can go fuck itself). I never realized how much dairy I consume every day, but I want to slowly start cutting it out, but reducing each month the number of days per week I eat dairy-based products.
  • Try the keto diet / cut the number of carbs consumed. I eat a LOT of carbs, like definitely more than any human needs. I’ve been tracking my macros on and off since February, but have just completely fallen off that wagon during December when my life was falling apart. At the moment, I have a ton of carbohydrate stores in my body that I don’t need. I’m hoping that by doing a big cut for the first three months this year, I can get my body down to an appropriate amount of carb stores, and then start building up to my regular macros in order to continue my muscle gain.

Although this isn’t a goal related to my fitness or dietary desires for the year, I’m going to start doing nutrition courses through my PT certification board in order to learn more about macronutrients and micronutrients that my body needs, and how better to feed it given the intensity of exercise that I do on a daily basis.

If ya’ll want, share your fitness and dietary goals with me and we can work to keep each other accountable this year! I know it’s so cliche to say “New Year, New Me” but I’m excited to share one of my passions with everyone, and I’d love to learn how the rest of you plan to start your year off. Well, that’s all for me this Friday, I’ll see you on Monday for some riveting talk about makeup and cosmetics.



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