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Hey. Hi. Hello! Happy Monday. I hope everyone is having a great day so far at work/school/wherever. I am here in sunny Orlando for the next week helping out my sorority with recruitment. Well, actually if we’re being really honest here I’m in snowy New York for the day (Saturday) getting myself ready for the week before heading off tomorrow (Sunday).

Anyhow, similarly to my Fitness Friday post, I wanted to utilize this first Makeup Monday post to manage expectations and give everyone an idea of what to expect with these posts. This blog originally started in conjunction with an Independent Study I was doing my senior year of college, where I was exploring the cosmetics industry through research posts and art forms. I was mainly focusing on forms of cruelty that exist within this industry because that’s something I’m very passionate about. After that project ended and I graduated, I started to write weekly posts along the same lines as the research I was already doing.

I’m still going to be posting stuff like that – finding articles and talking about what’s going on in the world of the cosmetics industry. I’m still going to be looking at CSR reports for cosmetics companies, what initiatives some companies are taking part in, animal testing regulations etc. However, I want to also incorporate the typical “beauty guru” stuff into my posts as well.

I’m a consumer of the beauty industry along with being passionate about it. With that, I have opinions and ideas about my favorite products, my holy-grails, what works for me, and so on. Of course, I understand that my opinion may not matter to most people, but I still want to share it, just like I want to share my fitness goals, because my opinions and recommendations may help one of you out there.

So, with that, I’ll post things like my skincare routine, product reviews, monthly favorites, and stuff like that, but will also include content that is still in line with social justice and commentary about the industry to examine changes that are occurring and what issues the industry is facing in regards to making huge leaps. I’ll also be posting my homework assignments for the FIT course I’m working on.

Maybe someday in the future, I’ll transition all my stuff over to youtube, or some other platform, but at the moment I’m not at that comfort level yet to put myself out there. Maybe that can be a New Years Resolution. Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions/ideas of what I should talk about with these posts, as always feel free to comment them down below. Until next time!



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