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Hey. Hi.Hello. Welcome back to my SECOND Fitness Friday post of 2018 (or just like second FF post in general). I’m still in Orlando helping out my sorority until next Tuesday, and I’ve been bombarded with the same sorts of remarks I was getting when I was actually a student here. Basically, since this school is in Florida, people are always complaining about needing to have a bikini body ALL the time but not having any motivation to go to the gym…or not wanting to go to the gym…or being intimidated to go because of all the frat guys…or saying they don’t have time to go to the gym. Personally, I understand those reasonings because I used the same excuses my first two years in college, and I also understand that some of these same excuses can hinder people from going to the gym outside of college, too. So, I thought I’d give some advice/motivation for getting started and how to overcome being intimidated in the gym.

The first thing everyone should understand when they want to get into the gym is that it’s a HUGE accomplishment to get in there. Everyone says it all the time, but no matter your skill level before setting foot in the gym, once you’re in there no one else cares. No one is going to be judging you because you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t know how to use a machine, whatever it may be. A gym is a place full of people who are also trying to accomplish personal goals they have set for each other.

I personally have always been a person that is afraid of being judged by others. I’m hyper-aware of my surroundings and how I appear to everyone around me. For someone like me, it’s hard to go into a new setting, especially one where you may not know what you’re doing. What I found really helped with this is going at times when no one else was around. In college, that meant waking up at 6:30 to be there when the gym first opened. In the real world, it’s a little bit harder to do that because everyone gets to the gym early before work, but another great alternative is during a lunch break, or later after work.

Once you’ve gotten yourself into the gym, the next big thing is figuring out what to do. Personal trainers are a great resource obviously, but that can also be a little intimidating to approach them and get going. In cases like this, it’s easy to default to doing cardio. Don’t get me wrong, cardio is great, but not the only thing that someone can do at a gym. A great resource I’ve found for learning workouts is Instagram.

There are SO MANY fitness bloggers/influencers are Instagram that post their daily workouts. I’ll include Instagram handles at the end of this post for people that I follow who post great workouts. I’ll save their videos to my Instagram collection and when I’m at the gym I’ll pull up their videos to make sure I’m doing the workouts correctly so not to injure myself. This is also a great way to add variety to workouts because often, especially when you’re first starting out, you’ll fall into similar workouts where you only do what you know, which is not the greatest way to start seeing progress.

Deciding to get to the gym is a big step, and honestly, people don’t need to wait for “New Years Resolutions” to start making a change like this. Most gyms these days have a resource walking the gym floor to help beginners, but personal trainers and even other gym-goers are always there to help out people. Truly no one is going to judge someone for getting into the gym because 1. It takes courage and commitment to start working out, but 2. people should be too focused on their own workouts to notice what other people are doing.

I know this was probably a very repetitive post from what a lot of other people say about starting out in the gym, but it’s all very truthful information. And, as always, if anyone has any questions you can always shoot them my way. I’m creating workout plans for a bunch of my sisters and family member and would be more than willing to do the same for anyway who wants to start getting into the gym. Anyway, I’m off to kick some sorority women’s butts into shape for recruitment. Until next time, xoxo.

Instagram accounts to follow:

  • @gracefitUK
  • @taychayy
  • @leanmachine21
  • @sampaparo
  • @dianaruizfit
  • @ptulasisters
  • @whitneyysimmons
  • @cristinacapron
  • @ashlensandefur
  • @nikkiblackketter

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