B.I.E – Product Forms in Cosmetics

Hey. Hi. Hello! Welcome to another glorious Monday, otherwise known as my last Monday without a job! Yes, that’s right, I have a job,  and I will be starting next Monday. I’m gonna miss this whole not having a job thing, and it definitely made me want to start my own company sooner rather than later, but I have 6 months left here in New York, which is damn expensive, so I know I should spend that time working rather than sitting around on my ass.

However, today I’m sitting around on my ass working through my FIT coursework. Some of you may remember that I started an online certification course through the Fashion Institute of Technology called the Beauty Industry Essentials. To summarize, it’s 8 online courses taught by professors from their CFMM Major, along with industry professionals, designed to be a crash course in everything you would need to know about getting into the beauty world. Within these 8 courses are a series of activities for us the students to complete. Now I’ve finished watching all the videos and have decided that it’s finally time to get working through these activities. I promised last year when I started this course that I would share my responses with you all, along with the activity prompt for anyone who wants to see what sort of things FIT wants us to look at. There are 13 of these bad boys, so be prepared for a whole lot of *great* content. Anyway, here’s the first post. Until next time, xoxo.

Activity: Now that you have been exposed to product forms, choose a product category and review the types of products that are now available. Then think of a consumer problem and a way to solve that problem by creating a “hybrid” new product. Let your imagination go wild. Don’t worry about the idea being too crazy… this is how new ideas and products are created!

The product category that I want to examine is color cosmetics, specifically focusing on setting sprays. Over the last decade, setting sprays have become increasingly popular within mainstream cosmetic application, acting as a barrier between the skin and the environment in order to lock the final product in place. Arguably, the product that helped give rise to this trend is the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, which claims to, “…lock-in makeup for up to 16 hours of wear.” They even go so far as to state that, “Within a 7-day clinical trial of this product, 78% of participants said All-Nighter helped their makeup last for up to 16 hours.”

Since the rise of this spray, a handful of companies have released setting sprays, designed to be utilized both under and on top of makeup. As such, companies have also begun playing around with what a setting spray is designed to do, and what benefits it can provide. Rather than being created to increase longevity of makeup, companies like Tatcha, GLAMGLOW, and Cover FX have created setting sprays that create a dewy finish, or add glow to the skin for a more natural feel. On the other hand, companies like Too Faced, Urban Decay, and Boscia have released setting sprays that claim to control oil or create a matte finish to the skin, targeted at individuals with oily skin looking to combat this problem.

Currently, the Sephora and Ulta websites bost a combined  total of 71 unique setting sprays, most of which are applied as the last step to set a final look, but some are marketed as being a primer, designed to replace traditional primers typically applied with hands to ones face at the beginning of the makeup application process. However, even these products marketed as spray primers also claim to enhance the longevity of makeup throughout the day. Additionally, many of these products instruct consumers to spray them on their face throughout the day in order to maintain hydration, or for a quick skin “pick-me-up.”

Setting sprays are a product that have slowly seen an increase in demand over the past decade. While there are just over 70 different sprays on the market, many of them offer the same benefits, just with different packaging and produced by a different brand. Because of this, there appears to be room for innovation in order to enhance or change a consumer’s beauty routine.

During my four years of undergrad, my Social Entrepreneurship major taught us to always keep the end-client at the forefront of our ideas for product innovation. Rather than assume a solution will benefit the individuals you want to use it, go out and ask them what problems they’re having and how they would like to see those problems fixed. With this in mind, I’ve decided to use myself as my ideal end-user for this product innovation.

Currently, I use the NYX Matte Finish Makeup Setting Spray to finish off my makeup because I know that the pollutants around New York tend to make my skin very oily in general, especially when I’m out walking around. However, once I step inside, I’m either blasted with air conditioning in the warmer months, or heat in the cooler months. This causes my skin to develop intense dry patches, especially around my forehead and chin. Additionally, I know that wearing sunscreen is important as an everyday skincare step, but I often find that this causes my skin to look oily as well, which is not what I want my makeup to look like.

Obviously, I utilize specific primers, foundations, and setting powders within my makeup routine to try and combat these problems, but ultimately I feel it comes down to the setting spray to finish off the final look and make everything come together. That is why, for my hybrid product, I want to utilize the idea of a setting spray and combine it with SPF qualities from sunscreen and the abilities of toners to balance pH in the skin. By adding sunscreen into a setting spray, it ensures that your final layer will be sun protection. I wear a tinted moisturizer every day, which has SPF in it, but that can become diluted from all the creams and powders I pile on top. Now, this product makes sure that the SPF is not being diluted or toned down from other products. By adding the skincare qualities of a toner, my hope is that it will help the skin throughout the day battle the extremes with the weather, especially between walking outside in humidity and then spending long days in an office.



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