Bod Pod & Me *Updated 02/03/18*

Hey. Hi. Hello! Happy Friday! This is the first time in a long time I’m actually sitting down to write one of these posts on the day it’ll be posted. I still haven’t started working yet, so most of my days consist of waking up late, working out, and watching a bunch of Youtube videos until it’s time to go to sleep. BUT, today was a very special day because I trekked all the way uptown in order to meet the Bod Pod.

I’ve seen around the internet with some of my favorite fitness influencers (it literally makes me cringe to say the word influencer now) this thing called a DEXA scan. Basically, it’s like a CT scan but the end results are you can find out your lean mass vs. fat mass, bone density, etc. etc. It seems like in most states you can find a DEXA scan center pretty easily, however, here in New York there are like 3, and you need your doctor’s permission in order to undergo one. However, during my time googling “DEXA New York” I came across this test called the Bod Pod.

Basically, a Bod Pod is this little spaceship-like machine (see picture below) that you sit in for two rounds of about 35-45 seconds. The way it works is that the machine itself is filled with a certain quantity of air, and there’s a machine behind that machine that pumps in some air as well. The test administrator weighs you in order to find your mass, the machine calculates your total volume while you sit inside, and these two quantities can be divided in order to find your density, and thus uncover your total fat percentage in your body.

Unlike the DEXA scan, which shows you your lean vs. fat mass, the Bod Pod can only give you your total fat mass, but in a more accurate way than one of those scales that claims to give your your body fat percentage (I have one of those and honestly I could not tell you if it’s accurate or not by any means). The results of my scan have been sent over to a test center or something where my results will be analyzed and my body composition will be sent back to me. I don’t have these result just yet, as I literally took the test an hour ago, but I should have those within the next 24 hours and will be updating this post with those result accordingly.

I decided to undergo this exam because I want to become more educated on my body composition. Every time I go to a doctor they always tell me that my BMI is high because I’m 5’2 and weigh 144 pounds. While my BMI may be high, this doesn’t tell you anything about a persons body composition in terms of fat mass versus lean mass/muscle. I’ve always been very athletic, and have put on muscle very easily throughout my life, and now that I’ve been on this strength training journey for a few years now, my weight, in general, has increased.

To be honest, I have my alumni weekend coming up at the end of March. Although I’m literally going back to visit my sorority sisters who I saw in January, I’d love to lose a few pounds and maybe start developing some better lifestyle habits along the way to lose weight and keep it off. But, in order to lose weight, I want to know how much weight is healthy for me to lose. Just by stepping on a scale or knowing my BMI, I can’t deduct how much of my mass is muscle, and how much is available fat that I can lose. That’s why I did the Bod Pod test in the first place. I want to become more informed about my body so that I can develop healthy habits to lose an appropriate amount of weight rather than starving myself and jumping on the treadmill every day.

While I’m not sure exactly what the Bod Pod test will be able to tell me about my body composition, as it seems like it may be less detailed than a DEXA scan, I have an appointment with my physician Thursday to talk about the fact that I have high cholesterol (YAY FAMILY GENETICS), so hopefully homegirl will be willing to hit me up with a recommendation to have a DEXA scan. Don’t forget to check back if you care about my result. Until next time, xoxo


02/03 Update:

It’s 8:09pm on Saturday after my Bod Pod test, and I’m going to share the results with you. I’ll be honest the results in itself are not exactly what I thought they were going to be. After the data has been reviewed, you end up with two numbers, your fat-free mass, and your fat mass. Your fat-free mass is everything in your body that isn’t fat, like muscle, tissue, whatever. My numbers are:

Fat Free Mass: 92.406 pounds (64.6%)

Fat Mass: 50.619 pounds (35.4%)

For a reference, I’m 5’1 and weigh 143 pounds total.

Am I surprised by these results? Only a little. I know that I carry excess fat, I didn’t think it was this high, but that means there’s room for improvement. Which brings to my main qualm about this test. While it’s nice to know how much Fat Mass I have on me, I literally know nothing else. I don’t know any details about that fat and I definitely don’t know how much of it is healthy for me to lose. I have a better understanding of what my goal weight should be, but I feel like it would help me more if I had more information about my fat breakdown and such in order to move forward with this cutting phase. Hopefully I can sweet-talk my physician in order to get a DEXA scan done, so fingers crossed for me. Anyway, I’ll catch ya’ll on Monday for my next post, and GO PATS!


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