The Showdown: Tarte vs. Tarte

Hey. Hi. Hello! It’s a rainy Superbowl Sunday here in New York, but when you’re reading this it’s definitely not Superbowl Sunday and I certainly hope it’s not rainy. Yes, I will be watching the game because I’m from Boston and although my stress levels are already high, I’m willing to risk having an aneurysm just to watch this game. But, enough about me, let’s talk about Tarte.

We all should know by now that Tarte released two foundation versions of their highly acclaimed Shape Tape Concealer. One is a Matte finish, designed to be full coverage with properties that, “…absorb oil and shine while leaving skin creaseless, hydrated, and free of cakiness.” The other is a hydrating finish with a gel formulation, packed with hyaluronic acid and collagen, designed to last 12 hours. They both retail for a steep $39, and while any normal person would probably get away with purchasing one, I bought both for the sake of science.

Well, actually I bought both because I couldn’t decide which one I wanted more. I typically prefer a matte finish to my makeup looks, especially because I’ve found that my skin has gotten a bit more oily since moving from Florida to New York. This is why I was leaning towards the matte finish. However, now that it’s the dry winter, my skin is severely dehydrated and has a few distinct dry patches. I’ve also been wanting to try a more natural, dewy finish with my makeup. That’s why I leaned more towards picking up the hydrating finish. So, here we are, the somewhat reluctant owner of two  $39 foundations and a pretty good idea for a blog post.

I do want to start this review off by saying 1. My skin type is acne-prone but doesn’t tend to lean too heavily towards oily or dry, and 2. I did try to make this into a video to post online but it was incredibly awkward and I want to do better, so you’re stuck with a blog post. Maybe I’ll include the video here in an update, so check back if you care.

First Impressions:

  • The Matte Foundation dried down incredibly fast. I used the applicator to apply the foundation in strokes all over the right side of my face, and then immediately picked up my beauty blender. However, when I got to the final stage of my face, my chin, the foundation there was really hard to blend out and left an awkward patch around my jawline that didn’t want to move.
  • The Matte Foundation is incredibly full coverage, while the Hydrating Foundation gave a more natural look that I would say would be comparable to the finish of the Smashbox BB Cream.
  • The Matte Foundation definitely clung to the dry patches that I had, and even accentuated areas I didn’t know were dry.
  • The Hydrating Foundation didn’t do anything remarkable. I only applied one layer, and while it wasn’t oily or anything, it wasn’t doing anything for me that my tinted moisturizers weren’t already doing, however, it was surely a lot easy to manipulate than the Matte side.

Wearing Throughout the Day:

  • The Matte Side appeared to continue to dry out my face. As the foundation wore, there wasn’t a huge difference in finish between the two sides of my face other than the fact that on the Matte side, especially around the forehead and chin, my skin looked like an alligator.
  • The Hydrating side didn’t look oily throughout the day, which was nice, but again it wasn’t doing anything remarkable for me. I didn’t layer it with contour or blush or any other powder so I would be interested to see if it could be a standout with a complete finished look, however, it’s definitely not something I would gravitate towards using.
  • Around my jawline, especially in the patch that didn’t want to blend, I felt that the Matte side appeared darker than the Hydrating side. I picked up both foundations in the shade Fair-Light Neutral, and on the Hydrating side it definitely matched, but the Matte side maybe oxidized throughout the wear.

Final Opinions:

  • By the end of the day, the Matte side looked disgusting. I mean at a distance and in my camera it looked nice, but up close I felt like a desert. My face felt tight and again it looked like the skin of an alligator. If I had that foundation on any longer somebody was gonna knock down my door and ask to use my face for a new handbag. It clung to my dry patches really bad and just made my whole face look terrible. You could probably get away with using this in a photoshoot or something, but I can’t see it being practical for myself in an everyday situation or where people are getting close to me.
  • Like I’ve mentioned before with this Hydrating foundation, it wasn’t remarkable. By the end of the day, my skin looked like my skin. The only products I had on were my Too Faced Hangover RX Primer and Urban Decay peach color corrector, which is what I wear every day. I wasn’t blown away by this formulation, and I thought I would be because I LOVE the Shape Tape. Definitely not worth the money.
  • Overall, I’m not impressed with higher foundation. I also don’t think either one is truly like the original product, which is probably more like a mixture of the two formulas. I’ll keep playing around with this product I guess, although after this wear test I’m not super enthusiastic about picking it up again. But, since I spent $80 here, I might as well use it again, for the sake of science.

Well, that’s it for me today. I’m off to heat up an Icon Meal for lunch and continue binging the Handmaid’s Tale. Until Friday, I’ll see you next time. xoxo


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