Make Calories Great Again

Hey. Hi. Hello! HAPPY FRIDAY, you’ve made it through another week of your 9-5, unlike me or still has another day of work left. I started on Monday at the gym and to make a long story short it’s been a lot harder than I thought. I’m so used to having tasks handed to me and told to complete them, which is what I’m really good at. Now, however, it’s up to me to make my own success and I tbh I’m feeling a lot of pressure to do well.

BUT ANYWAY, this post isn’t about my struggles at work, although I definitely want to tackle the struggles of building your own business in a future post (especially since the business I’m building is fitness). Today, we’re gonna talk about one of my least favorite things in the world: calories.

Everyone knows, or at least everyone SHOULD know, that you need calories to live. Even if you aren’t working out, if you’re literally sitting around all day, you are burning a certain amount of calories. The amount of calories someone burns depends on a lot of factors, such as height, weight, and obviously activity level on a daily basis. For example, today I burned over 1,500 calories doing the BARE MINIMUM (literally 15-minute walk to work and non-intensive 30-minute chest workout).

While you burn a certain amount of calories, you also take in a bunch of calories from food. I never counted calories, even growing up. Whenever I wanted to “diet” I would restrict the number of meals I was eating and increase the amount of cardio I was doing, which seems to be the rookie mistake that everyone makes. However, as I’ve become more invested in my fitness and want to actually start seeing results in my body, I’ve invested more time into my food and learning about calories.

Last week my nutritionist told me to start counting calories. I’ve been tracking macros since last January, and the app I was using (My Plate) would obviously track calories, but I never paid attention to those, I was more focused on hitting my macros. However, as I started counting calories, it quickly became apparent I wasn’t getting nearly enough calories. I was averaging less than 1300 calories a meal (sometimes even as low as 900). I think there are a couple factors that affect that, but I think the biggest one is my lifestyle change.

I started Intermittent Fasting in January, which means I’m eating between the hours of Noon and 8pm, and fasting the rest of the time. As such, I’m really only eating three larger meals throughout the day as opposed to three meals and snacks throughout the day. Also, the Icon Meals I’ve been ordering average less than 500 calories per meal, so three of those a come out to 1200 calories. For a normal woman of my age, 1200 calories is probably ideal. However, for me, it was ruining my metabolism. Literally, I’ve been consuming fewer calories than I need that if I were to stop working out, I would balloon out, and that’s the LAST THING I WANT.

Basically, it all comes out to this idea of BMR (basal metabolic rate) which calculates the average amount of calories you need in order to sustain your everyday function. There are a few equations floating around the internet but an easy one is taking your weight and multiplying it by 9-12, depending on your fitness goals (9 for losing weight, 12 for adding mass, etc etc). So, I weigh 143 lbs, which means AT MINIMUM, I should be consuming around 1300 calories a day. But, because I’ve started increasing my workouts and now have a pretty active job, my nutritionist thinks I should bump it up to 1400 calories.

So, what does this all mean? Well, for me it means that I need to increase my caloric intake in order to increase my metabolism and start to see a greater fat loss on my body. But, with my new lifestyle, that means I have 3 meals to eat 1400 calories, which is around 460 calories per meal. At this point, I’m literally forcing myself to sit and eat foods so that I can start to my calorie goals for each day. And let me tell you, it’s a STRUGGLE. I literally feel so stuffed after each meal I literally cannot move. Plus I’m pretty sure I’ve put on weight. AND NOW my schedule at work is very random and often conflicts with my eating periods so you can say it’s been a pretty interesting transition.

But, just like I need to remind myself that I’m not going to get clients on my second day of work, gains are not made overnight. I may be putting on some weight now, but hopefully, my metabolism will get it’s shit together soon and I can start losing 13 lbs before alumni weekend in March. Everyone keep me in your thoughts and prayers, and if you know anyone in Manhattan who wants a personal trainer plz send them my way I’m desperate. Anyway, until next time, xoxo.


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