BIE 2 – Beauty Writing is Hard

Hey. Hi. Hello. It’s Monday again, hope you’re all surviving out there. I had a day off yesterday so I hit up my favorite spot (both for brunch and just general boozy activities) the Flying Cock. It’s a name I literally cannot say without blushing, but it’s a place I hold near and dear to my heart after these first seven months in the city. Today, I’m coming at you with another FIT Beauty Industry Essentials activity.

The prompt for this was to pick one of our favorite beauty products and write about it as if Allure magazine asked us to. I wrote about the Rose Quartz Luminizer by KORA Organics, shoutsout Miranda Kerr for creating a gem of a product. Hopefully, this will convince someone to buy it. So, without further adieu, enjoy my writing in which I try to be funny and relatable but most likely miss the mark by a longshot.

If I hear one more person exclaim they want to be, “Glowing for the gods,” I will take all o of my highlighters and intentionally smash them on the ground (as opposed to every other time when they’ve smashed of their own accord). I’m the last person to be preaching about a natural look, Ms. “I only wear blue eyeliner,” but some things have gone too far! We get it, you want to make your cheekbones “pop,” but there’s a difference between subtly drawing attention to them and potentially causing car crashes because your face is so blinding. Of all the products to overdo on your face, highlighter should be your last priority. Think of it as your last accessory and not the star of the show. What has my favorite accessory been these days? Well, thank you so much for asking! It’s been none other than the Rose Quartz Luminizer by KORA Organics.

When I say this product is life changing, I mean that very literally, and not in the dramatic “, I say everything is life changing” way. I stumbled upon this piece of heaven on my one beauty bender since settling into New York. As a new city girl I’ve been working to save my money, but sometimes you’ve got to let loose every now and then. Thankfully, I decided to splurge when I did, because who knows how long this product would’ve been sitting on the “Just In” page of the Sephora website for me to find.

I was never into cream products before this. Actually, I wasn’t even really into highlighters before this. Sure, I own every Anastasia Beverly Hills highlight palette that has been released, but that’s a spending problem I’m trying to overcome. I never wanted my face to be seen from space, and never understood the sales pitch behind doing highlight AND contour. It all seemed like too much work, so I never really bought into it. Plus, I’ve always been a big fan of the matte and stay FAR away from anything that could make me look potentially like I’m sweating 24/7. However, I had a change of heart this winter when my skin couldn’t compete with the cold winds and started to sprout dry patches out of nowhere. Now, I’m out here reaching for anything marketed as “hydrating” to quench my face. And that, my dear friends, is where we really get to know the Rose Quartz Luminizer.

I was feeling ambitious one day. You know those days when you’re just going to be sitting around your apartment all day, but still feel like putting on a face of makeup? That’s the kind of day I was having. So, I gather up my arsenal of new products and get to work. Everything was looking pretty bland until I reached for the finishing touch, my final accessory, the KORA Organics Rose Quartz Luminizer. Opening this product is like unleashing a ray of sunshine. It comes in the cutest little pot, 0.21oz of cuteness to be exact, with the most gorgeous rose gold cap. I mean true rose gold, not that Apple pink nonsense that’s marketed as rose gold. The cap unscrews to reveal this incredible slightly muted bubble-gum pink shade with flecks of gold glitter throughout.

I was almost too afraid to ruin its perfection, but I decided to bite the bullet and dipped the tip of my ring finger in. The texture is a mixture between bouncy and sticky, which I must admit was a bit weird to feel. I certainly didn’t want to put anything sticky on my complete face, but it was already on my finger so I had to do something with it. The best way to get the most bang for your buck with this product is to dab it up and down on the spot you want to apply. On the face, the sheen is more of a champagne than the bubblegum pink, and it reflects light like nothing I’ve ever seen before. It doesn’t make you look sweaty, but it doesn’t make you look like a tacky disco ball either. It quite literally looks like you’re glowing from within, which I can assume is the, “…natural, luminous glow,” this product claims to produce.

It’s been almost three weeks since I first opened this product, and I find myself reaching for it every day. Even if I’m about to walk out the door without any other drop of makeup, I will grab the luminizer and add a few dabs to my nose and cheekbones. As someone who never swore by highlighter before, let this mean something to you all. I’m not leaving my house without this product on my face or I feel odd. If that fact alone doesn’t convince you to grab your credit card and purchase this product, then you are a person who is not easy to convince and I respect that about you. But, if this did convince you, then I’m so happy to welcome you to the KORA Organics fan club, it’s so nice to have you! The Rose Quartz Luminizer by KORA Organics is available for $28.00 through the Sephora website.


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