The Business of Selling Yourself

Hey. Hi. Hello. HAPPY FRIDAY. I’m currently hiding out in my apartment because the weather outside is DISGUSTING. I woke up to hail, and in the hour that I continued to lay in bed, it switched between rain, snow, and hail more than I switch outfits on a night out. Needless to say, all I want to do on this awful day is lay around and catch up on TV now that the Olympics are over. So, today, this post is going to be about the only thing currently on my mind: Sales.

When I first thought about going into Personal Training, I thought it was going to be EASY. If you haven’t seen my last Fitness Friday post, I summed up just how wrong that assumption was. I’m at a location where people aren’t walking in off the street every 30 seconds looking to join and asking about personal training. Most of the people coming in have been at this location for months, if not years, and either already have a personal trainer or have settled into a routine that they’re comfortable with and thus don’t see the value in spending money on a trainer. And that, dear readers, is the first tip I’d like to offer you: Know your value. 

Being a Personal Trainer is not just about the programming or the time spent in the gym with your clients. It’s about providing a value to add years onto someone’s life, about giving them the confidence to wear that dress they’ve always wanted or even being able to do daily tasks without assistance. That is the value of personal training and that is what needs to get pushed during sessions. It’s one of the things I’m struggling with most, especially with what my client market is.

I had a guy come into the gym last weekend and tell me to my face that I wasn’t a personal trainer. When he said that I understood where he was coming from. I’m young, I’m a female, and I’m not totally jacked. As much as I want to train guys, it’s just not going to happen for me. At least not this year. Guys just don’t have the respect for me and don’t think that I can provide them the same service that a more jacked trainer could. I mean, I totally think they’re wrong, but I understand where they’re coming from. I know my client market is going to be women, and primarily younger women at that, under 50 most likely. They’re the ones who are going to walk into the gym and go straight for the treadmills.

Because this is my perceived client market, I’m going to have to work that much harder to stop these women and get a conversation out of them. It’s easy for us because we offer free sessions, but it’s about getting them to WANT to sign up for those sessions. It’s giving up an hour of your day when they would usually come and do cardio to try something new. And, as I mentioned before, a lot of the clients coming into the gym aren’t looking to switch up their routines. So, that’s my first challenge is getting these people to give me their time.

My second challenge is proving my worth. I can kick people’s butts no problem, especially if they only do cardio. BUT, my biggest challenge is closing. It’s getting people to see my worth and wanting to commit their money to training with me. I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s not like retail where people are already coming in committing to spend money and I just work to add-on items to their purchase. This is an industry where you have to sell yourself and prove that you’re better than not only the other people you work with but with the routines they’ve already established.

And that is where I’m struggling the most. I don’t know if it’s something I’m saying or something I’m NOT saying, but my client base is small. And I know that I need to do better. It’s now about getting out of my head and just committing myself to selling. I have 2 months left to really succeed and really sell my value. I’m in this position for a reason and now I need to prove that to others. This isn’t an industry where I can joke about low self-worth or self-image. I really have to get better at being confident in myself and portraying that as I’m around the gym. It’ll be a challenge, but I’m ready to conquer it. I’ll keep you all posted on how it goes over the next few weeks. Until Monday, xoxo.


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