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Hey. Hi. Hello. Well, looks like it’s Monday again so happy first day back at work since the weekend! I spent the better part of Sunday baking cupcakes and watching old Disney Channel shows instead of being actually productive, which pretty much sums up how I spend my days off now. So, of course, I left writing this post until the last minute because that’s who I’ve become these days. Would this post be better suited for video format? Absolutely. Do I care? Absolutely not. Because this is who I am, there won’t even be pictures of any of the products mentioned, just links to buy them off Ulta. And no, they’re not affiliate links I’m not that connected. SO, without further adieu, let’s dive into my skincare regime.

Let’s paint a picture here: I wake up at some time and lay in bed for 30 minutes checking social media, playing games, whatever. Then I finally make my way to the bathroom. I open my medicine cabinet and grab my Dermalogica Clearing Skin Wash ($38) and my Clarisonic Smart Profile ($349) with the Acne Cleansing Brush Head ($27)(#bougie). I move the brush in circular motions around my face and let it do its thing. Then I rinse with hopefully warm water but usually cold water because that’s what my building is like. Then I pat my face dry.

NEXT STEP. I take the Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant ($59) and dump some into my slightly damp hands. It says use half a teaspoon but I’m not bringing measuring spoons into the bathroom with me so I guesstimate. I rub that on my face, again in circular motions for like 45 seconds, then rinse it again with whatever temperature water is coming out of the sink.

NEXT I spray on my Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner ($40)  (listen I promise this post isn’t sponsored by Dermalogica although it literally should be). I usually do like 4 sprits on my face and let it soak up while I brush my teeth with my gold Quip toothbrush (again not sponsored, just want you all to know I’m that girl).

THEN, after I’ve brushed my teeth I take 30 seconds to asses my activities for the day. Usually I’m going to be wearing makeup so I’ll apply the Breakout Control ($48) first and then over top I’ll add the Oil Control Lotion ($47) with the Total Eye Care ($53) because it’s never too early to start worrying about crows feet. HOWEVER, if I’m not going to work or not planning on wearing makeup for the day, I’ll replace the Breakout Control with the Skin Hydrating Booster ($64).

How long does it take me to get through this whole routine? I’d say like 10 minutes, depending on how long I take brushing my teeth because I get distracted by my phone. Once or twice a week I’ll replace the steps before the toner with the Skin Prep Scrub ($37). I usually only do this if I’m crunched for time or going to dermaplane (aka shave) my face. I also have a Jade Facial Roller that spends more time sitting on my bathroom sink than actually being used, but it does help to calm puffiness after crying so 10/10 would recommend for that.

Yes, I understand it’s a lot of money for a skincare routine that hasn’t left me with flawless skin yet, but these products last a damn long time, and I’m doing the most to prevent myself from breaking out after all the times I wear makeup while working out. Would I recommend all these products? Well yeah, but also all Ulta stores offer a free Dermalogica service for Face Mapping that will tell you the best products for your skin. Anyway, that’s just my morning skincare nicely broken down for you all. I could’ve done my nighttime skincare routine because it’s so easy, but honestly I need to save that content for another week. So, until next time, xoxo.


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