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Hey. Hi. Hello! Happy Monday! Today’s going to be a LONG one for me. I picked up a session at 7am, but then will be back from 3-9 for my usual floor shift. The nights aren’t that bad because I like everyone who works at the gym, I just don’t like the thought of having to wake up at 6am and be somewhat functioning in hopes of trying to close a sale. But, anyway, this post isn’t about my Monday work schedule, it’s about something far more exciting.

As some of you know, I’ve been working through an online certificate course through the Fashion Institute of Technology called the Beauty Industry Essentials. The premise behind this is to basically be a crash-course of their CFMM (Cosmetic and Fragrance Marketing and Merchandising) Major, but for the common folk, and in far less time. The big seller here was that it was co-taught with actual industry professionals. Obviously, as someone who wants to break into this industry, I signed up immediately back in September. Now, here we are some months later and I just completed my last activity, which means I’m officially done with this course. So, today, I thought I’d talk to you about what I learned, and my honest opinions of this course.

Basically, the structure of the course is there are eight different sections covering all topics from fragrance, color palettes, influencer marketing, social media, and everything in between that would be important for breaking into the industry these days. In between the actual courses taught by the FIT faculty who would teach at the CFMM major, there are videos of actual industry professionals giving their advice on how to get into the industry and all that good jazz. Now, I’ve written posts about this before, but the advice these industry professionals gave really pissed me off.

Each and every one of them said the same goddamn thing, which was that if you had passion and creativity blah blah blah you’d be able to make it into the industry. Granted I gave up an internship with a skincare company in order to pursue being a personal trainer, but at the end of the day, I don’t think this advice is enough. These days, especially in a city like New York, where the industry is arguably the largest in North America, it’s not about your passion, it’s about who you know.

If you know someone at the company, your resume is going to get to the right people a lot faster than if you were just some random person applying off Indeed or wherever. Sure, once your resume is in front of these people, then it probably comes down to who is a better fit for the position in terms of skills and experience, but that’s not going to happen really unless you know someone. Long story short, I hated the advice these professionals gave because it in no way, shape, or form was at all beneficial to hear the same thing 15 times by 15 different people. There were arguably a hundred more prompts that could’ve been used in order to get better advice out of these individuals, as many of them sit in positions that we as the course takers would actually want someday.

Then, we get to the actual course subjects. Obviously, with only eight courses there’s only so much information that could be shoved into a handful of videos. However, I think the information they focused on was not new or surprising. In fact, I literally don’t feel like I learned a damned thing from this course other than to “have a passion for the industry,” which your girl CLEARLY already has. I don’t feel like I have any deeper insights or understandings about the industry than I did before completing these courses.

All in all, I don’t feel like it was a waste of my time or money to do this course, even though I just said I didn’t learn anything groundbreaking. Through this, it basically reaffirmed the fact that I’m really doing everything right in terms of trying to get into the industry, and that I have already had the knowledge all along that many of these professionals have. It was a nice confidence boost moving forward, but would I recommend others taking it? I mean, the idea itself sounds really interesting, and if you have free time then like maybe invest? But honestly, I think FIT missed the mark here with their approach, the professionals they interviewed, and the way in which they covered the course material. Also, the activities rarely did anything to enhance what was taught in the video lessons, which really threw me off a lot.

Now that this is all over, I’m moving on to focus on nutrition certifications. It was a nice journey that I’ll be able to look back on once I start my own cosmetics company and think of fondly. So, it was good while it lasted. Now I’m off to sleep, so until next time xoxo.


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