Why Did the Chicken [Skin] Cross the Road?

Hey. Hi. Hello. It’s Monday. Yes, I’m still at my current job but no, I don’t plan on being there much longer. Also, the b key on my keyboard has stopped working, and sometimes white lines appear on the screen so needless to say I think my computer is broken again? BUT ANYWAY, this post isn’t about my computer, it’s about me. And 3 million other people in the United States ISN’T THAT GREAT. Today, we’re talking about Chicken Skin.

No, not actual chicken skin. Keratosis Pilaris aka Chicken Skin or Strawberry skin. Now before we start talking about me, let’s talk about what this condition actually is. Keratosis Pilaris effects 40% of all adults in the world, which is apparently 3 million adults in the United States alone. It’s basically patches of bumps that occur primarily on the upper arms and legs. Scientifically what happens is that the protein Keratin build-up around these areas and creates a block around the hair follicle, that produces the bumps most people have.

For me, I have it only on my upper arms and have pretty much had it for as long as I can remember. Honestly, I thought it was normal until about last year when my aesthetician pointed it out in the middle of my facial. Then, I became incredibly self-conscious of it, but then stopped caring about it a week after. HOWEVER, here we are, a year later, and I care again. I think I care because I walk around work all day in a short-sleeved shirt that really clings to my upper arms. AND, this chicken skin tends to get redder and more prominent doing physical activity….physical activity like walking around a gym picking up heavy weights. SO, basically, I feel like my KP is on display all the time and because I do nothing at work but stand around, I think a lot about stuff like this.

So now I’m here to tell you how to clear it up. BUT, take this all with a grain of salt because I’ve been on this quest to clear this issue up for about 3 days now. However, I have done a lot of reading and this is what people have told me to do, so now I’m telling you to do it.

Step 1. Body scrubs. If you’ve skipped ahead in this post, you would see that step 2 involves hair removal. If you know anything about soft skin, you would know that exfoliation is key, and always will be. So, like any other time you’re in the shower preparing to shave, grab your trusted body scrub to get rid of the dead skin and dig up those hair follicles real nice. I use the Coconut Oil Coffee Scrub by SheaMoisture ($14.99 at Ulta)

Step 2. Waxing or hair removals. Ok, this is the step I haven’t done yet. Apparently, shaving is NO BUENO to aiding with KP because it just chops the hair off on the surface and doesn’t do anything at the root, where the keratin build-up causes problems anyway. Instead, it’s recommended to wax or use cream hair removal or any other product that is going to pull the hair out at the root. This apparently is like a really big thing for helping get rid of KP. I’m getting there I promise, I just have to find a cruelty free alternative to Nair, so no recommendations there.

Step 3. MOISTURIZE. When your skin is dry, your KP is going to look worse. So, to prevent that, don’t let your skin get dry. Anyway, after exfoliating and shaving you should moisturize anyway. However, the moisturizer I prefer to use it is formulated specifically to help aid KP. It’s called KP DUTY by DermaDoctor ($38.00 at Ulta). This is the original product my aesthetician recommended for my beautiful chicken skin.

Secret Weapon: KP Double Duty. While not really necessary I suppose in the grand scheme of thing (especially with this price tag), but honestly, I think it’s been helping my KP more than any other product I’ve tried. KP Double Duty by DermaDoctor is a two-step towelette process featuring a peel/scrub and a hydration serum thing. I apply them after exfoliating and shaving in the shower. Then, once the hydration step has dried, I’ll apply the KP Duty moisturizer over top because 1. The peel/scrub is v. drying and 2. New York in the winter is v. drying and my body is thirsty. This product retails for $56.00 at Ulta for 30 days worth of wipes.

Now, as I’ve said, I just started taking steps to get rid of this condition a few days ago, like not even a week ago. However, these steps have definitely helped because my KP doesn’t feel as rough but still tends to get relatively red when my body temperature rises. I’ll keep ya’ll updated in a month to see if the issue has gone away or whatever. Or maybe I’ll just get spray tans instead because everything looks better with a spray tan. So, that’s all I have for you today, hope you have a great week, or at least a better week than anyone who had Virginia winning March Madness (RIP). Until next time, xoxo.


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