Overload Principle

Hey. Hi. Hello. It’s FINALLY Friday! Is it just me or has this week felt like the longest one yet? And my week was only 4 days because I’m currently at the airport on my way to sunny FLO RIDA for Alumni Weekend. Apart from being trampled by a hoard of cheerleaders and having to unpack my entire suitcase in security, I’m excited to travel because it means I can finally see my friends! However, because I’m traveling I haven’t taken any time to even consider what the fuck I should talk about today for this Fitness Friday. SO, I’m going to stare at people around the airport for the next 10 minutes and hope I can figure out something to write before my free WiFi runs out (shouts out to La Guardia for being too cheap to invest in the full thing).

OK HELLO, I have triumphantly returned with a blog idea. It came to me quite obviously as my whole entire body is in pain right now, even as I’m just sitting here. Today, I’m going to talk about working out…big surprise.

The other day, Wednesday I think it was, I worked out with my manager at the gym (yes I’m still there, I haven’t gotten the courage to quit it’s really hard!). Now, typically I’m working out 5-7 days a week, but this past week I think I’ve worked out twice. Also, like I mentioned in a previous post I’m trying to cut back my time working out. I don’t have the time or the desire to workout for 3 hours a day. However, instead of working out for 3 hours every day, I’m working out for like 30 minutes to an hour mostly every day. Even though I try to increase weights and everything, I’m really only doing accessory work instead of compound movement, and those are only so effective in a short amount of time.

However, when I worked out with my manager, we only did compound movements. And, we lifted significantly heavier than I have in a long ass time. It’s now two days later and if it’s even possible I feel MORE sore than I did yesterday, which is really a new concept. But, this got me thinking about effective workouts.

I know that I want to lose some fat in order to start seeing real definition of my muscles. Part of that has to do with my nutrition, which is something I’m still struggling with. But, I think another part will have to do with the types of workouts I’m doing. I’m not saying that I’m going to become an Olympic lifter overnight, but I definitely think the soreness I feel now speaks to the effectiveness of compound movements.

As a personal trainer, and I think anyone who is passionate about fitness, would know, there’s this thing called the overload principle. Basically, you can’t keep doing the same movements with the same weights, because eventually, your body gets used to it and you’re going to stop seeing any results. Thus, you need to vary your movements, or at the very least vary the weights you use. I’ve been trying to do this by working in hypertrophy sets and drop sets, but I think the overload principle will only get you so far this way when all you’re doing is accessory movements.

Now, I don’t want to cop out and say that all I can do is accessory movements because my apartment gym literally is lacking so much equipment, but honestly, that’s part of the reason. However, I think the main reason comes down to my laziness with working out. I know that currently I need to workout or else I’m going to get fat (this is what my nutritionist told me, so I’m going to believe her because we all know my metabolism sucks). However, I’m really doing the bare minimum when I get to the gym, and often times I’ll do the same circuits twice or three times a week for certain body parts.

So, apart from working on my nutrition, I’m going to start working in compound movements and looking to lift heavy to see if maybe that’ll help me start to see the kind of results I first had when I started lifting. Now, this means that I have to sit down and reconsider my workout plans and what my week will look like in terms of exercise. Currently, it looks like this:

Sunday – LISS Cardio

Monday – Legs

Tuesday – Upper Body

Wednesday – HIIT/ Legs

Thursday – Upper Body

Friday – Rest/Legs

Saturday – Legs/Upper Body (Depends if I took a rest day or not)

Now, I gotta take out my bullet journal and replan out my weeks, so I’ll get back to you next week with what everything ends up looking like because quite honestly I’m too tired and unfocused to even think about doing this now. Also, I’m starving and it’s currently only 8:00am and I gotta wait until noon to eat my PB&J that I brought. SO, until next time, xoxo.


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