Top 10 Favorite Nail Polish

Hey. Hi. Hello! Happy Monday, my dudes. Today I’m taking a rest day from the gym, so I staid in bed until about 11am, and then made a disastrous acai bowl, so now I’m really just trying to get over that and get on with my day. I also have to bring my computer into the Apple Store because lowkey dropped it again a while ago and I think it’s on the fritz now, just my luck.

Anywho, today we’re tackling something unseen before on this channel. I’m taking a favorites post. Last night I was talking with one of my friends who sent me a pic of her nail polish (that’s a thing we do because #friendship), and she made a comment about how she was always coming back to one specific color because she loved it that much.

Now, I’m not really a creature of habit when it comes to nail colors. In fact, my collection in total, including my non-cruelty-free colors that I have at my country estate aka my house, I would say I’ve amassed over 200 nail polish bottles. When I get new colors, I tack it onto the end of the list and just cycle through them until I have nothing new to try. Then, that’s when I can get back to using some of my favorites. With the constant launch of new KL Polishes, which I’m obsessed with, I haven’t really had a chance to dip back into anything old for a while, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t have those tried and true polishes I’ll yearn for! So, buckle up, and let’s start this journey.

JUST KIDDING. Before we begin this exploration, I just wanted to let everyone know that yes, I’m 100% cruelty-free with my nail polishes. With that, however, comes a lack of selection, as I haven’t really found a buttload of cruelty-free companies that I love. So, there isn’t a huge brand selection here, but they’re brands that I do swear-by in terms of wear, application, and color selection. Additionally, you will notice a trend of my love for nail polish with a bit of a sparkle, because let’s be honest, I have to spice up a monochrome outfit somehow. With that out of the way, now we can officially begin.

#10. Formula X – Delightful. A really neutral light-gray color, described as a “whitened dove grey.” In certain lights it has hints of blue, but it’s still one of my go-to grey polishes if I’m gravitating towards something neutral. It’s one of two completely matte shades on this list, and sometimes I’ll pair it with a matte top coat for more fun. The only disappointing thing is Formula X is no longer around so #soz.

#9. KL Polish – Cassiopeia. KL Polish has quickly become a staple in my collection. Curated by KathleenLights of YouTube fame, it’s arguably the best brush I’ve encountered on a polish. Cassiopeia is from her most recent Winter collection, and is described as a “gray-black with multidimensional shimmers.” Although launching late in the nail-polish game, KL Polish continues to release colors I’ve never seen before, and their wear-time is incredible!

#8.  Urban Decay – Bang. A few years ago I took a quiz that told me orange was my power color, whatever that means. Ever since then, I’m kept this color in my rotation. I think it’s the only true orange I have, and I’m obsessed. I love everything Urban Decay releases, and these polishes are no exception. The brush is thin to get into the small corners, and the cap comes complete with a skull #loveit. It’s a “bright orange with subtle floating iridescent pearl,” that adds that extra dimension when the sun hits it just right.

#7. Formula X – Alchemy II. This one is a double-whammy as it is both Formula X and limited-edition, which means any chance of you being able to score it is probably slim to none, but honestly it’s so incredible I had to include it. It’s a “platinum-infused champagne rose shimmer.” It’s like a step-up from a glitter polish because it’s so easy to remove, but still sparkles like all hell. It’s a shade darker than their original Alchemy shade, which I think created more depth into the color, especially with the micro-glitter. Amazing for the holiday szn.

#6. KL Polish – Ace. The only other matte shade in this list is Ace, a true red polish. It’s beautiful, I can’t say much else than that. Now if only I could find this shade in a lip-color I’d be all set.

#5. Formula X – Blazing. Described as a “pearlescent burgundy,” Blazing is one of my most-underrated polishes. When I was browsing my collection today, my eyes skipped over this color twice before really looking at it, and damn I’m impressed. It appears to be just a deep red at first, but once you look closer you can see reflects of a beautiful coppery-orange, truly like a blazing fire.

#4. KL Polish – Ocean Drive. Two months ago I forgot this polish existed, which I’m ashamed about because how could you forget something so amazing. It’s a teal polish with a shimmer finish that really fulfills everyone mermaid dreams. It pales in comparison to my number 1 pick in terms of true #mermaidgoals, but I love that it maintains an insane amount of shimmer without feeling like a glitter polish.

#3. Urban Decay – Chaos. I was really in a toss-up between this color and a Formula X color of the same shade, but without the shimmer. Ultimately, like the true sorority girl I am, I was drawn to the glitter because it adds a twist to this. It’s described as a “vibrant cobalt blue with floating tonal pearl.” They really love the use of the word “floating” don’t they. I’ve long said oxblood is my favorite color, but really I think it’s this shade, because it’s just that damn amazing. I honestly can’t put it into words, so just look at the boomerang below to see.

#2. Urban Decay – Bruise. I recently told a friend that this was my favorite color, but I lied. It’s my second favorite color, but it’s still near and dear to my heart. This is part of their 90’s revival collection they released a few years back, and honestly this color totally embodies everything I remember about Urban Decay back then. It’s a very grungy shade, with shifts of green and purple, LIKE A FUCKING MOOD RING, or a bruise I suppose, but whatever you want to compare it to, you cannot deny that it’s spectacular.

#1.  Deborah Lippmann – Mermaid’s Dream. I’ve had this color since Junior Year of High School. I know that because I picked this up on prom night after getting my makeup done by my friend at Nordstrom. And since then, I swear I’ve used it at least 30 times, and it barely has a dent. It’s the first nail polish I ever truly fell in love with, and I’m sure you can see why.  It’s almost like a Tiffany Blue base with teal micro-glitters mixed in. It applies like a true glitter polish, which means it is annoying to get off, but it wears amazingly, and is opaque within two coats. I cannot get enough of this, and will probably run right back once I’ve gone through all my new colors.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this wonderful post. Below, there’s a boomerang gallery of each of these colors, which I hope help you to see how magical and incredible and shimmery each one is. I’m off to finish applying for some more jobs, and make myself look presentable enough to trudge over to the Apple Store and hopefully find out my computer isn’t fucked after all. So, until next time, xoxo.


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