Hey. Hi. Hello! It’s a miserable Monday here in the Big Apple, but I hear it’s worse over in Boston where there’s currently thousands of people running a marathon. There are constant flash flood warnings, but it looks like the sun is trying to peak out at least! Plus, I just booked a weekend trip back to Cancun with my madre, so that’s something nice to look forward to in this week!

However, the most important thing here, and the reason I’m writing this post is that Sephora is doing a SALE! That’s right ladies and gents, Sephora is having one of their two annual sales. VIB and VIB Rouge members can receive 15% off of their orders, while Beauty Insiders can take 10% off. Key information about the sale will be listed below, but I wanted to take this opportunity to influence your decisions on what to pick up. I was inspired by the incredible KathleenLights, but I’m a mess in front of a camera, so instead, we’re going to get a cute little post. Check out below for my top 10 items that are worth a consideration for picking up in this Sephora sale (that’s a mouthful, I know).

  1. Alien by Mugler – This fragrance and I go way back, like 3 years now. I don’t really know if I can say enough good things about this fragrance. It lingers on the skin so nicely, like I used to have sorority sisters text me asking if I had been in a room 20 minutes after I left because they can still smell it. That’s not to say it’s overpowering BECAUSE IT’S NOT. It just sits so nicely on the skin. Sephora used to offer free refills of this scent (I think Ulta still does TBQH). I like that it’s refillable because somehow that feels more economical than buying a new fragrance every time I run out (refills range from $100 for 2fl oz and $140 for 3, so like not cheap but #worthit). $84 for 1oz in the refillable bottle. 
  2. ABH Soft Glam Palette – I picked this palette up as part of the VIB presale that was going on, and I’m already obsessed. I had heard incredible things about the other two palettes, but never really liked the overall color scheme, until this one came along. It’s the perfect mixture of mattes and shimmers, and it’s neutrals galore. Also, any palette that has a black shadow is already a winner for me because it just makes the whole thing so versatile. I’m excited to play around with this, but first impressions are that it’s an incredible mix of the UD Naked Heat and Natasha Denona Sunset Palette, so I’m excited to continue playing with it. $42.
  3. Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer – I feel like this is so 2012 of me, but I still love this primer. Ever since I switched over to completely cruelty-free products, I’ve been obsessed with this primer. I apply it right after my moisturizer so it has time to sink into my skin fully, and it literally feels so goddamn soft. It’s not pore-minimizing like a silicon-based primer, but it creates a soft airbrushed effect on the skin so makeup glides on and blurs out the pores in a more angelic way if ya feel me. $54 for 1 oz or $19 for the travel size. 
  4. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Makeup – I love a good oil-based makeup remover. Sure, you look like the creature from the black lagoon while you’re taking your makeup off, but I’ve never experienced something that takes off my makeup so completely. This product looks like it has a paste-like consistency in the tub, but scoops out and breaks down makeup so well on the face. I use it in the shower and will leave it on for a minute before washing it away to really let it penetrate my pores, and I absolutely love it. My face doesn’t feel dry after, and when I follow up with micellar water there’s never any excess makeup left lingering behind, so that’s when you know it’s real. $38. 
  5. Kate Somerville UncompliKated – Kate Somerville has been a recent addition to brands that I love, and I’d like to thank the girls of Beauty Break (shouts out Joslyn and Lily) for turning me onto this brand. UncompliKated is a makeup setting spray infused with SPF 50 from the skincare queen herself. Everyone knows that SPF is essential, but we all also know that it can be greasy, cause flashback, and even disrupt the way makeup sits on the skin. PROBLEM SOLVED. This fine mist smells great, sets makeup in place, and gives the added bonus of sunscreen so we don’t get wrinkles earlier than we need to. $38. 
  6. Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner – I once used this eyeliner on my mom a while back to do her makeup, and that’s when I fell in love. It glides on SO WELL, as should be expected for a gel liner, but it also stays put on the waterline all day EVEN WHEN YOU CRY. It can be easily smudged for a nice smokey eye or added on the water line for enhanced drama. Plus, it comes in 32 shades in matte, satin, and shimmer finishes. Really a great product for all occasions, and it’s a twist-up pencil, which I feel is a fact a lot of people are skipping over and features an added built-in sharpener at the base. $25.
  7. Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream – I’m not a foundation wearer. Instead, I tend to go for a softer BB cream. Now, BB creams get some flack for being just a step up from a tinted moisturizer, but let this product change your mind. It has incredible coverage, I mean it’s not full coverage but it ain’t no tinted moisturizer either. The coverage is incredible, but it feels really weightless and hydrated, as a BB cream should. The shade range is rather limited, but I’d definitely recommend picking this up if you’re in the market for something light but that will still cover redness and acne spots. $42.
  8. Juliette Has A Gun Lady Vengence – Arguably the best time to pick up fragrance is during these sales because this stuff can be expensive for being really just like smelly water? Juliette Has A Gun is a brand that I saw in the checkout queue, so I picked it up because it looked interesting and aesthetic AF. I’m sure glad I did because this scent is incredible. I wouldn’t say it’s the opposite of Alien, but it certainly isn’t nearly as floral and girly. It’s truly an empowering scent that makes me feel like I could kick down a door or fight someone. It can tend towards being a bit musky but it’s not a ridiculously strong scent, and definitely a nice confidence boost. $100 for 1.7 oz.
  9. Natasha Denona Star Palette – Natasha Denona has quickly exploded onto the scene and has gained notoriety for having great products but for a HEFTY price tag. Are they my personal favorite eyeshadows? No, not really. BUT, I do understand why everyone loves them, because the matte shades blend out so well, and the shimmer shades are packed with glitter for so many extra dimensions I feel like I’m in space whenever I wear them. The colors in the palettes all work together so well that honestly, you’d probably be ok with just picking up one of these palettes for the rest of your life. The Star Palette is my personal favorite, but the Lila and Sunset palettes are both incredible, and slightly cheaper than the Star. $169 for the Star Palette, $129 for Lila and Sunset. 
  10. Pat McGrath MotherShip III Palette – Last and certainly not least is another eyeshadow palette, this one coming from Mother herself. Now, I think I’ve talked about the controversy of her stupid Meet and Greet in NYC, but basically, I picked up all her palettes, then returned them in fury. However, they were super hard to let go, especially this one, because of how beautiful they look in person. All the shades aren’t super wearable on an everyday basis, but there’s a time and a place for everything. Plus, there’s a black eyeshadow in each of her palettes, which like I mentioned before is game-changing. This one is my favorite because it’s the one that features the most shades not released during her standalone collections of shadows, so it was the one I shed a tear over returning, but I had to stand my ground. Anyway, the shades blend superbly, they’re super creamy and long-wearing. Can’t say enough good things about any of her products. $125.

Now for the logistics of the sale. It starts this Friday, April 20th, and extends until April 23rd. VIB Rouge use codes YAYROUGE, VIB use code YAYVIB, and Beauty Insiders use code YAYINSIDER.


  • Cannot be applied to previous purchases, gift cards, Flash shipping or PLAY! by Sephora subscriptions, or combined with any Promo Codes.
  • Not valid on The Ordinary
  • Limit of 1 Dyson item “per transaction”
  • Limit of 3 Drunk Elephant items “per transaction”

SO, those are my top 10 recommendations, I hope they helped! If you pick up anything from the sale, let me know I’d love to see what ya’ll are buying, and if you have any recommendations for me! Well, until next time, xoxo and happy shopping!



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