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Hey. Hi. Hello! Happy Friday! I’ll be honest with you, every day to me feels like Friday because I’m STILL UNEMPLOYED. My mom told me a story the other day of this woman who’s daughter has been out of grad school for two years with her MBA and hasn’t been able to find a job. Honestly that was not the sort of motivation pep-talk I needed. Instead, it just made me more scared and like not hopeful that I’d find a job. And when I’m stressed, I eat! So, what better thing to talk about today than what I eat in a day!

As summer is LITERALLY here, I’m trying to cut down some fat. It’s not going well, I’ll be honest. Truthfully I’ve been trying to cut fat for about 4 months now, but life happens, I travel, and everything just gets all out of whack. Last week I talked about how I’m changing my workout plans, so I’m hoping that’ll help me stay motivated to focus on my nutrition as well.

I do track macros. I’m still trying to increase my daily caloric intake (in good foods and not just like cheese and ice cream), which has been a struggle. Presently, my Macros are 120 carbs, 40 fats, 90 proteins and overall 1400 calories. This is designed to help me lose 2 pounds per week if I stick to it (curated through My Fitness Pal). Once I get into a good pattern of sticking to this, I may change it to 100 carbs, 100 proteins, and 30 fats because I did see really good results when I was on those macros last year. So, those are the goals I’m working towards, now lets talk about my meals.


For breakfast I’ll eat one of two things. 1 is the picture above. It’s 3 multi-grain rice cakes, 2 Tbsp PB2, 1 container of nutella (Nutella sells a box of pre-portioned single-serve Nutella packets that are pretty good for macros), and then about 1/3 a cup of strawberries and 1/3 cup raspberries. If I don’t have an ingredient for that, I’ll mix up an acai bowl which is typically 1/2 cup frozen fruit, 1 acai packet from Trader Joes, 1/2 cup Chobani yogurt, 1 scoop hemp protein powder, and 1/3 – 1/2 cup of Apple Juice. I’ll top it off with either some fruit, or granola depending on what I have laying around.

Macros for Rice Cakes: 230 calories, 36 carbs, 7 fat, 10 protein

Macros for Acai Bowl: 290 calories, 44 carbs, 5.5 fat, 9.5 protein for just the base. Topping macros will vary.

Lunch & Dinner:

Lunch and dinner are relatively easy. I’m still having my meals delivered from Icon meals, although I think I may change because their new packaging turns my stomach a little when I look at the food because it’s all vaccuum sealed together. However, I’ve been loving their Turkey Meatballs, PB&J, Lean Turkey and Green Beans, and Salmon with Sweet Potato Mash.

On a typical day, Macros for Lunch and Dinner comabined are 676 calories, 65 carbs, 20 fat, and 53 protein.

Icon meals lets you know the macro breakdown of each meal before you order so you know, but you also have the option to make custom meals to better fit your macros.


I pre-plan the meals I eat each day, so I know at the beginning of each day how many additional macros I’ll have left to fill. Typically when I have extra macro’s to fill I’ll a cheese stick, some sliced cheese, fruits like an apple or kiwi, or a greek yogurt. I tend to gravitate towards cheese sticks, especially the Polly-O Twists because they’re no carbs, and pretty decent protein. However, greek yogurt with some granola and sliced fruit is a decent alternative on days when I’m really struggling with calories and macros.

Daily Totals:

On an average day before snacks, my macros come to 906 calories, 101 carbs, 27 fat, 63 protein.

Having two cheese sticks will bump that up 100 calories, 7 fat, and 12 protein. My biggest challenge clearly is still getting a decent amount of calories, which is going to be a huge goal moving forward, as I explore new options for meal deliveries and maybe get back to cooking again, but honestly probably not because I’m lazy. Probably not the most exciting post, but it’s more to keep myself accountable for my nutrition as opposed to captivating audiences. So, until next time, xoxo.



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