Hey. Hi. Hello! Happy Friday, we made it my dudes! I’m currently on a flight (are we surprised) down to Orlando for Cinco de Mayo aka Cinco de Drinko for all you college kids out there. There’s a couple on this flight or definitely wants to fight me, which is always fun…just gonna do my best to spend the next three hours looking innocent enough so they get over it.

ANYWAY, today’s post is something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while now, but could never dedicate the time necessary to write it. I’ll try and make everything as concise as possible, but let’s be honest these posts are just me pouring my thoughts out onto a page than actual clear and concise content. But, I’ll do my best to give you an easy run down of the Motiv fitness tracker.

Let’s flashback five months shall we. I first came across the Motiv in a vlog of Jazmine Garcia’s. To put it nicely, I’m a technology whore. I had a FitBit for the longest time, and then switched over to the Apple Watch for the pure bougie reason of the Hermes line. I never wear my watch working out, so I’m literally never getting any of the health benefits it offers. But, do I want to know things like my heart rate, and how long I’ve slept? Well, yes (also total sidenote but this flight is playing Black Panther so there goes my distraction-free flight).

So, when I heard about the Motiv, a fitness tracker encompassed into a ring, I was interested. The website itself seems super vague but also super compelling. It offers enough information to engage audiences, but also is vague enough that people are interested in purchasing to try it for themselves. At the time, I didn’t have the $199 to spend because I was #unemployed, but after some holiday money I decided to splurge and buy it, especially since all I was doing at the time was sleeping and working out.

Now, it can seem pretty daunting to purchase a ring as a fitness tracker, and since it’s an online brand you can’t walk into a store to try sizes to determine. Motiv thought of this. When you purchase the ring, they first send you a set of plastic rings, sizes 6 – 12 for you to try on.

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They have a few recommendations when you get the kit. First, they recommend wearing the tracker on any of your middle three fingers (I think the heart rate is harder to detect in the pinky or the thumb)? I chose my middle finger. Next, they recommend trying the ring for at least 24 hours, doing a number of different activities to see how your finger changes to things like working out, or cold climates etc. The size I went with is a 7, which is usually the size I wear on my middle finger anyway.

Once you have your size picked out, you follow the instructions on the kit to enter in your information in order to get the actual ring. Motiv comes in two different colors, a slate grey and a rose gold. I went with slate grey, which if we’re being honest definitely looks more black than grey, which I am not mad about.

I’d say this whole process takes just over 7 business days to go through, from getting the kit to getting the actual ring. After getting the actual ring, setting it up with the app is super easy. The app itself is where I have some issues. It’s still a fairly new company and they’re constantly updating the app based on input from users, which is nice, but it’s still a little too simple for me, if that makes sense. Here’s what it looks like:


It shows you how many hours you’ve slept, your most recent heart rate, and cumulative steps. It also shows calories burned, based on your heart rate, and miles walked. The center of the app is dedicated to “active minutes” i.e walking, or anything that gets your heart rate into a certain zone. The bottom of the app is moreso dedicated to your sleep again. Swipe left for the day before, swipe left for the next day. Easy as pie. But, the thing I don’t like is it that you can only see trends for your active minutes during a week, not youe heart rate. When I work out I’m not checking my phone to see my current heart rate, I’d like to be able to see the trends after the fact so I can tell if I’m truly pushing myself into a good zone or if I could push harder.

In term’s of general schematics the ring takes about an hour to charge, and a charge tends to last about 3-4 days. It’s decently light-weight for something with a heart rate monitor in it. You get a push notification when your Motiv is low on battery for you to charge, which is good because I’m really forgetful with charging things. It also sync’s automatically with your phone, or you can manually sync with a simple twist. So, with all of that out of the way, let’s break down simple pro’s and con’s.


  • Lightweight  and Comfortable – I sleep with it on, and lift with it on too and I often forget that it’s there
  • Simple – It’s not flashy, and people never know it’s a fitness tracker until it starts randomly blinking at odd times, and then I get the pleasure of shocking them with the truth that it’s a fitness tracker it’s fun
  • Informative – It tracks your sleep, heart rate, active mintes, calories, steps, and miles. Most fitness trackers do that, but please see above for lightweight and comfortable. I hated wearing my FitBit and Apple Watch to bed, so I stopped
  • Water Resistent – Up to a certain extent. I mean you can do normal everyday activities with it on, like dishes and washing your hands without worrying about ruining it.


  • Scratches Easily – I’m currently on my second Motiv, which has held up well, but my first one was scratched as all hell. The underside of my ring would have paint scratched off during heavy lifting sessions (primarily because the dumbells and barbells at my gym are like TEETH they fucking hurt). It wasn’t a big deal because it was a side that no one saw, but it was still annoying that I paid $199 for a fitness tracker that wasn’t holding up during fitness.
  • “Water Resistent” – Yes, it is water resistent and holds up during everyday activities, but I’m on my second Motiv because the heart rate monitor on the first one stopped working. I don’t know the exact reason for it, but I think it was either water or sunscreen that got up in there. Definitely don’t shower with this on, but washing hands is peachy.
  • Lack of features on app – Now, I don’t expect FitBit or Apple level attention to the app here, because it is a small tracker, but I mentioned my grievances above. And yes, I did just check that you can’t track your heart rate over time, just your RHR, which isn’t super helpful for my workout goals.

Overall opinions? I love mine. It’s a new tech product, and I’m more than happy to support them through their early stages. It’s helpful for me to know my caloric output so I know what I should be eating (on that slim down train ya feel?), and it’s also fun to beat daily movement goals. It’s definitely not for everyone, especially if you’re already wearing your Apple Watch during workouts and such, but I can’t be bothered to change my straps all the time. Overall grade 7/10. Take that for what you will. So, until next time, xoxo.


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