April Favorites

Hey. Hi. Hello! Let me paint a picture for you on this Monday night – yes it’s Monday night, this post is late get over it. It’s 8:00pm, I get into the shower. I exit no more than 10 minutes later, AND THE SUN IS STILL SETTING. Like it’s 8:10 and I can still see the damn pink sunset on the horizon behind the Empire State Building (my view is better than yours I know). Honestly, I understand that it’s getting closer to the longest day of the year and all that but this is a bit ridiciulous.

Wanna know what else is a bit ridiculous? I had no idea what to write for today, which is 100% the reason why this post is going up so late. I kept myself busy all day with *very important tasks* so as not to have to think about what I was going to write until the very last hours of Monday. My brain cells took a hard beating this weekend from celebrating and intense lack of sleep, so the thought of doing even a tiny amount of research for a hard-hitting post was not happening. Instead, I thought I’d talk about my favorite for the month of April, in which I literally wore make-up twice, so this will be short and sweet. See below for my APRIL BEAUTY AND SKINCARE FAVORITES.

  1. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay – This has been making the rounds but it wasn’t until the very last minute in April that I started using it. I remember someone telling me that it literally sucks out impurities in your skin, and boy did I have a lot of those from stress. Basically, you mix 1 part the clay with 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar (I do 1 tablespoon of each) and apply to face. It feels weird at first but deadass in about 5 minutes you literally feel like your face is getting squished in a vice or something. It takes some effort to remove but your skin feels like it is pulsating with nothing but clean pores for days. 10/10
  2. Dermaplaning – Basically a sophisticated way to say shaving your face, and also a gimmicky way to get women to spend more money on glorified razors. Now I have a thing with body hair, even on the face, because without maintainence I look like a legitimate monkey, so I’ve always shaved my face, but this razor specifically for dermaplaning makes it a lot easier to get the hair off in clean strokes without cutting up my face like a guy. I’ve noticed that dermaplaning also helps to reduce the size of my pores, and make my makeup look more airbrushed and less cakey since it’s not sticking to the face hairs. Very nice.
  3. Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme – I never cared about my lip size, because if you know what you’re doing you can overline your lips and make it look natural. However, one day I was cleaning out my lipstick stash and I was bored, so I put this shit on, and haven’t looked back since. In fact, it’s completely replaced all lipbalms in my daily routine because the collagen in this product makes my lips soft AF. I don’t mind the tingling sensation because its not intense and lasts for like max 1 minute. I apply it at the start of my routine so that by the time I’m ready to apply a lip color my lips are hydrated and ready for a day of nothing.
  4. Too Faced Chocolate Gold Bronzer – I brought this to Mexico with me to try out and haven’t stopped using it since, even though I’ve lost all tan that existed. I literally can’t even describe the look it gives. It’s like your skin is radiating from the inside out, you look healthy and glowy but not overly bronzed. It’s subtle and not subtle at the same time. It’s good, it’s gold, we love a bronzy sister. Just don’t get carried away unless you’re really into the whole bronzer helmet look, then knock yourself out.
  5. Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel – Huge shouts to RachLoves on YouTube for bringing this product into my life. My eyebrows are the worst part about my face, and that’s saying a lot. Every time I fill them in the look great, but no less than 2 minutes later they’re deflated, and you can clearly see the pencil strokes in my brows no matter what I do. This product saved me. It has a dual-sided applicator that gives the option for a more natural or more intense look, and literally locks the brows in place better than any gel I’ve used before, and it doesn’t wilt either, so it blends all products seamlessly into my face. Good job.

In a not so dissapointing turn of events, I think those are all the favorites I have this month. I did say I didn’t wear makeup, and my skincare routine has not changed in literally so many months that it makes no point adding anything in here, as they’re my forever favorites. I’ve been trying out a jade roller, and have a post on that coming up soon, so we’ll see if that can squeeze its way into my next monthly favorites. Let me know what you’ve been loving and I’ll give it a try! Until next time, xoxo.


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