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Hey. Hi. HELLO! My calendar says it’s Monday, but if I’m being honest with ya’ll, I’ve forgotten what day it was. Working retail, and part time at that, I have random days off throughout the week. Not only has that messed with my sleep schedule, but it also means I think everyday is either a Monday or a Saturday, there is no inbetween. On this Monday, I’m literally running out of ideas, so I thought I would break down the products I use on an everyday basis as part of my Cruelty Free lifestyle.

I’ve been cruelty free since October of my Junior year of college, so almost three years now? Jesus saying that outloud is scary, I feel so damn old. Before this, I think I was like most people in that I was completely naive to the fact that animal testing was still occuring, and even in the United States, I mean I knew testing on animals for biochemistry was a thing, but I thought cosmetic testing ended around the time of Legally Blonde 2…totally unrelated of course but definitely relevant in terms of timeline.

However, one day I was on Pinterest (check me out, lanehannacohen) and I stumbled across an image from Cruelty Free Kitty documenting a list of Cruelty Free brands and promptly fell down a K-hole of research (thank goodness it happened on a Saturday so I didn’t have to worry about homework, because I then spent like 5 hours cleaning out my makeup and everyday lifestyle products).

I’ve loved seeing over the past few years the amount of brands, both new and old, that are hoping on the Cruelty Free bandwagon, but there’s still plenty far to go. As someone who loves to wander through Sephora or Ulta, I know that it’s not always possible to know if a brand is cruelty free off the top of my head, especially so if they don’t have the Leaping Bunny logo. I usually stick to the brands I know (as you can see from my product list LOL), but Cruelty Free Kitty is an incredible source to have up when online shopping.

Maybe my list of products will help, or maybe you’ll just judge me for buying so many Too Faced products (it’s alright I judge me, too). Anyway, read on if you dare. Or not, I’m not the boss of you. I hope you enjoy, and I’l see ya Friday with some incredible post I’m sure. Until next time, xoxo.


  1. Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer ($32) – A natural, moisturizing primer because we love a dewy sister. I apply it first and let it sink in while I do my eyebrows because I find it’s a little too tacky at first to go in with foundation.
  2. ABH Brow Wize Shade Ebony ($21) – Simple, classic, I love it. NYX has a pretty good affordable dupe for it, but I always go back to this because it just goes on a little betetr and isn’t as soft as the NYX pencil.
  3. Urban Decay Color Correcting Fluid Shades Green and Peach ($29 each) – I’m out here to cover up my imperfections but still look natural. These do that, especially when you use a BeautyBlender to blend it out. Green for reddness, peach for under the eye in case you don’t know.
  4. Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer Shade Light-Medium ($36) – I’m not messing with a full coverage foundation on a daily basis, so I prefer to stick with a BB Cream or a Tinted Moisturizer. This ticks that box but still has great coverage so it’s great for an everyday look.
  5. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Shade Light ($27) – I mean….do I even need to say anything?
  6. Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Pressed Setting Powder ($35) – A nice translucent powder that I literally only use under my eyes so a little pricey but yolo. I dropped my old one and it shattered looking like cocaine, and I needed a new one ASAP and was only near a Sephora so I spent the money now let’s all pray I don’t drop it again.
  7. Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme ($28) – If you know you know. I’ve raved about this product and it’s collagen before, hop on this train.
  8. ABH Contour Cream Kit Shade Light to Medium ($40) – We love a sculpted sister! I only contour my nose and cheekbones on a daily basis, but I’ll throw in the jawline for a night out for an extra chisle.
  9. Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer ($30) – Layer it over the contour, it adds a nice bronzer but also finishes off the sculpt that can sometimes get diminished with the blending brush I use.
  10. Too Faced Love Flush Blush Shade Baby Love ($26) – Weird name for a great product. It’s a nice subtle color but easily buildable, and as a smidge of gold glitter for some pop.
  11. ABH x Amrezy Highlight ($28) OR KORA Organics Rose Quartz Luminizer ($28) – P sure the ABH collab was a limited edition edition product so sorry, but it’s in my daily rotation with the KORA Organics product. Both natual, wet looking highlighters, but I apply the ABH with a brush and the KORA Organics with my finger.
  12. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Shade Iced Mocha ($4.50) – A DRUGSTORE PRODUCT!! They don’t sell the actual product I use, but this one is pretty close. I love it because it’s a nice shimmer that really helps to make my brown eyes pop, which is not an easy thing to do with stupid brown eyes.
  13. Urban Decay Razor Shape Liquid Eyeliner Shade Perversion ($22) – When they released this new formula I snatched up all 22 colors because I love the brush applicator that is easier for me to use. Not an everyday product because I’m lazy but definitely in rotation.
  14. Essence I Love Extreme Volume Mascara ($4.99) – ANOTHER DRUGSTORE PRODUCT! This is my first time trying out Essence mascara’s but they have great reviews and so far I can’t complain.
  15. Smashbox Always On Gel Liner ($18) – I don’t feel complete without a slightly smokey eye thanks to black in the water and tight lines. It’s a gel formula in a pencil so it lasts all day. Wish it came in other colors but definitely a great product regardless.
  16. Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel Shade Dark Brunette ($28) – Once again shouts to RachhLoves for this recommendation. It’s the only brow product that comes close to my favorite Gimme Brow by Benefit. Keeps my brows in place and blends well with my pencil for a natural look.
  17. Urban Decay All Nighter Pollution Protection Setting Spray ($34) – Sign me up for anything that claims polloution protection because out here in NYC it’s a dirty, dirty world for your skin.
  18. ColourPop UltraGlossy Lip ($6 each) – I’ve literally gotten rid of every other lip product besides these ones. I’m obsessed. They have great color payoff and really don’t budge throughout the day. I prefer to use the red colors but every color is a HIT!


  1. BeautyBlender Pro ($20) – I lowkey have three different BeautyBlenders for three separate products because I’m extra, but that’s a me problem don’t worry about it.
  2. Real Techniques Setting Brush ($7.99) – I pair this with me setting powder for under the eyes. Does this step make a difference? Who knows. Do I do it anyway? Yeah.
  3. Real Techniques Expert Concealer Brush ($6.99) – The best dupe I could find for the actual brush I have but I use this to apply the cream contour to my face. ‘Nough said.
  4. Tarte Double Ended Brush ($34) – They sold something like this when they released the Park Ave contour stick, but I feel like it does a really great job blending out the cream without disturbing the foundation underneath. I guess we can think the densely packed bristles for that.
  5. Real Techniques Flawless Base Set Contour Brush ($19.99 for set) – As stated. Use with the contour. Real Techniques could release a bag of air and I’d purchase it. Love their brushes obviously.
  6. Morphe Set 697 Deluxe Taper Powder Brush ($49 for set) – I bought this set awhile ago and never used it until now because my Real Techniques blush brush broke and this was the closet thing I had to replace it with. Don’t tell anyone but I think the quality of these brushes are better than Real Techniques.
  7. Real Techniques Sculpting Set Fan Brush ($19.99 for set) – Not really sure the purpose of a fan brush, but beauty guru’s out here are using it, so I’m out here using it.
  8. Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush ($8.99) – Sometimes I use it to blend out concealor on blemishes, other times I use it to blend out the shadow stick. That’s why I keep two around because you never know the type of day it’s gonna be. But it’s great for all purposes, trust.
  9. Tarte Picture Perfect Duo Lash Curler ($18 for duo) – Finding a cruelty free eyelash curler was literally the bane of my existence for so long, so honestly thanks god for Tarte (they still haven’t hired me yet, despite my constant beginning, but I’ll still love them).

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