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Hey. Hi. Hello. I’m back on my bullshit and can’t keep to a solid post schedule. Honestly, ever since I’ve started working retail I literally cannot manage to keep to commitments I’ve had before, like working out, studying for my nutrition coach certification, and getting posts up at their scheduled time! I’m literally just tired all the time, and working abnormal hours (I got home after midnight the last two nights of work) definitely isn’t helping that.

While I did have the day off today, I also wanted to started cleaning and organizing my apartment, which is for an important reason, and also brings me to the meaning of this post. I feel like in a lot of my Fitness Friday posts, I’ve mentioned challenges I’m taking or decisions I’m making, but haven’t done a good job of following up on those. Since I had no energy to think of anything else to write about, and it’s not 9pm at night, we’re hitting you with those updates now.

First and most importantly, I made a decision about my future. After two internet polls, one of which was a dead tie at 50-50, and a long talk with an especially level-headed friend, I’ve decided to stay in the city for at least the next year. I literally have 6 days for my dad to send in my lease renewal, and he’s currently out of the country, so we’ll see if that happens, but that’s my intention is to stay in the city in my current apartment. However, I need constant change with my surroundings, and since I’m going to be in this place another year, I’m going to bring in an interior designer who hopefully has some fresh ideas on how to liven up my studio. I like the furniture I have, I just don’t know any possible way to redo this space. That’s big update #1.

Update number 2! I’ve officially been cutting sugar out of my diet for a little over two weeks now. I mean I had a popsicle today and felt kinda gross after, but it was hot as balls out and also Memorial Day weekend so I think I deserve a pass there. Over that time, however, I didn’t notice anything unusual about my body or any symptoms of cutting sugar that other people had noticed. I do think I started to loose a couple of inches on my body, but I lost my measuring tape somewhere unknown, so we can’t know for sure.

I’m still eating fruits, but have cut out pretty much all artifical sugar, and am doing my best to wheen off of added sugars in things like Kind Bars and such, which have become my weakness recently. Maybe that’s why I haven’t felt any adverse effects, but I never really thought I was addicted to sugar, I’ve just always enjoyed desserts, if there even is a difference between those two.

I have no updates on the job front. I like where I’m at, and I’m hoping there will be opportunities for promotions in the future, especially with people leaving and all. I’m still keeping an eye out for any positions that may interest me, but everything seems to be in sales and recruitment still, which are two industries I absolutley refuse to get into, so we’ll keep on trucking.

I’m still on the same workout routines, when I can fit them in. I’ve found myself doing more HIIT workouts because they’ve been the easiest to work into my schedule. I’m literally on my feet for 8-9 hours a day, 5 days a week, and that’s taken a toll on my body because like I said before I’m tired all the time. I often can’t feel my feet the morning after, and my legs and back ache. so usually 20 minutes of a HIIT routine is the most I can withstand. When I do get a good day where I feel rested, I’ll focus on compound movements with high weights just to make it beneficial. I’ve done a spin class the last 5 weeks, and have come to enjoy that competitive, class workout aspect, especially for cardio, so I might look into taking something similar once a week if I can.

Well, I think that’s everything I needed to update you guys on. I’m sure there will be more to come in the future. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that I’ll be able to stick to a posting schedule. But, more importantly, that I can figure out some actual quality content to post about instead of this nonsense. So, until next time, xoxo.


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