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Hey. Hi. Hello! Happy Monday! I’m currently on my way back from sunny (and humid) Flo Rida…’twas a successful, albeit not-disney-filled weekend. I mean it’s always nice to get out of New York, especially now when the tourists are really starting to take over. But, it’s even nicer to get out of the city AND see my best friends. Really a win-win all around! It’s also a good chance for me to try and convert them to using my favorite cruelty-free and vegan products (because that’s who I am), like Function of Beauty.

I’m sure you’ve seen Function of Beauty advertised all over Facebook, but if you haven’t then lemme tell you about it! The idea behind it is to allow consumers to create individualized shampoo and conditioner by completeing their four question quiz, including questions about hair type, and hair goals.

This idea of individualized products has been growing over the last few years, especially since it’s been proven that millenial consumers are shopping more based on curated experiences (and environemntal impact) than any other generation. We’re living in a time when companies are able to provide unique experiences for each guest who checks out their platform, thus giving them an advantage over normal companies sold in brick and mortar stores.

Along with creating a custom product, companies like Function of Beauty are able to cut out a lot of trial and error consumers face with products like shampoo and conditioners. A lot of bottles are marketing to increase length, strengthen hair, etc. etc, but how are we supposed to know what is good for our unique hair type?! By answering a few simple questions, Function of Beauty creates a completely unique product designed to target a customers hair-needs.

So what exactly are these questions, and what do they tell us? Well, lucky for you I know how to screenshot images on my computer, so I’ll provide you with their quiz below:

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Of all the questions, the two hardest ones I found were the hair structure and the fragrance. My mom always likes to tell me I have a “thick head of hair,” but that literally means nothing to me. However, I’m sure your hairdresser could definitely tell you all the information you need for the first set of questions so you’re not going based solely on what your mother says about your hair.

The fragrance question was another hard one for me, because even though I spent a summer working at Bath and Body Works, I literally have no idea what any scent actually smells like. They do a good job of breaking down the component of each of their scents, but it’s still felt like a shot in the dark when I went to choose. I went with hibis(kiss) and it smells OVERWHELMINGLY of bubblegum, which has grown on me these past few weeks, but is not something I’d pick for normally.

LUCKILY, Function of Beauty allows you the option to play around with your formula until you get something that works. This means that if your scalp is actually dry instead of normal you have the ability to change that. Or, in my case it means I can change the fragrance and not smell like a gumball machine anymore. I really like this option, which is something I’ve noticed the majority of these customized programs offer, because it’s acknowledging that there’s still error involved in an online service. So, if something doesn’t turn out right the first time, you have the option to tweak until you’re satifised!

Now, let’s get into my review. Like I said, I’ve only been using these products for a few weeks now, but I already love them. My hair goals were replenish hair, nourish roots, soothe scalp, lengthen, and anti-frizz. In terms of those hair goals I can’t really say if these products have been effective in targeting those. However, my packaging did say that in order to them to be really effective (especially in soothing the scalp) I should wash my hair 4-5 times a week, which is frankly just not happening with my schedule.

The biggest thing I noticed after two washes with this stuff is my curls. I said I had wavy hair, which is pretty much true, but the longer my hair gets, the straighter it gets. My hair has been sitting in limbo the last few months where some layers had waves, and other layers were just awkwardly straight. Now, OH BOY LET ME TELL YOU. My hair looks amazing, and holds a wave beautifully. I mean, I’m not actually brushing my hair once it dries because I’m afraid of what will happen, but it looks so good and that’s all that matters. I feel like I could walk the runway with my hair it’s that good.

Do I think the price is worth it? Well, I bought the 16oz shampoo and conditioner, and have it scheduled for delivery every 6 months (which apparently was an option when I ordered????). At that rate I’ll spend $98 a year (quick math) on shampoo and conditioner. Before, I was using Not Your Mother’s for $5.99 a bottle (usually on a buy one get one half off promotion, too. I’d usually purchase every 2-3 months. So while it’s significantly more money than I was usually spending on hair care, I think that if I play around with the formulation more, I should be able to get a product that is salon-quality.

End thoughts? I think it’s worth it. A lot of people say you should spend the most amount of money on your hair (I think it should be skincare but whatever, I’m not most people!). Based on that, I think the experience and the unique market value this product brings is definitely worthy of it’s price tag. Plus, you can use my referral code down below to get $5 off your first purchase! So until next time, xoxo.



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