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It’s the start of another beautiful week here, and we’re officially three days away from real start of Summer! Now that I’m really an adult aka not in school anymore, summer really has no meaning to me because I HAVE TO WORK THROUGH IT. I don’t get three months to lay around at the beach, travel to beautiful countries, and/or sit around my house doing nothing. I mean, I *could* do that but I’d need money and do not have that.

Anyway, today we’re not focusing on summer. While it IS my favorite time of year, it’s not more important than talking about cruelty free cosmetics!!!!! I’ve been cruelty free (or at least doing my damn best to be) since October of 2015. That’s nearly three years I’ve had to find new products to replace things that I loved that weren’t cruelty free. Even though I think I’ve done a fairly good job of replacing old favorites, I still find myself yearning for certain products that just haven’t been duplicated yet.

When I say that, I’m really thinking of a few color cosmetics products that had been staples in my routine for years, and still to this day I’m searching for products that are better. In particular, I’m talking about the L’oreal Telescopic Mascara, Benefit Gimme Brow, and the Revlon ColorBurst Matte Lip Balms. These products were so special to me and I really think we built a connection that just hasn’t been broken.

You know those things, like a good pair of jeans or some kickass black boots, that once they come into your life it’s really hard to let them go, let alone find replacements when it’s that time? Well, that’s what these products were like to me. No matter how many times I’ve googled “Cruelty Free dupe for…” nothing has come up that quite accomplishes the same effect that any of these three products had. But, now that I’ve made a committment to living a cruelty free lifestyle, I know that I couldn’t accept myself if I brought these three staple products back into my life.

The same can be said about other lifestyle products as well. Recently I’ve noticed that the dishwasher pods I’m using don’t quite clean my glasses in the same way that the ones my mom uses as home does. It’s frustrating because I end up hand washing the glasses again after they’ve been washed, but I know that I’m supporting a great company and not impacting the environment as much when I use this specific brand.

Well, because I’m incredibly dramatic, I must ask mysekf: how do I move on?! Some may say that it’s sad that I’ve spent three years searching for replacements for products that are actively harming animals, but we had a connection ok?! Becoming an advocate for a cause is not always an easy thing. Sure, advocating for cruelty free cosmetics is not the same thing as advocating for environmental changes or human rights issues, but it’s a cause that is important to me, and is still challening to commit to 100%.

I’ve reached a level of understanding where I may not have amazing looking eyebrows everyday, or my eyelashes may not be individually separated to perfection, but I know that I have a voice as a consumer to impact change in billion dollar industry. My actively choosing to support companies that are dedicated to change while at the same time renouncing those that refuse, I feel some sort of power and control.

I jumped headfirst into the cruelty free lifestyle by immediately throwing away anythingt that didn’t fit, but you don’t have to do the same. Finish up your favorite things, take the time to find products that can replace them, and dedicate yourself to making smaller changes along the way that can help. Plus, it’s 2018, there are so many great companies out there now that are making changes across so many industries that even committing to purchasing from one can impact the community.

Sending good vibes out to you all for this week! And, if you come across any cruelty free dupes for my favorites products, slide into those comments and let me know, because honestly I’d be forever grateful!

Until next time,

xoxo LHC


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