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It’s a GLORIOUS Friday here in the city. I say glorious because I have the day off, I’m getting my eyebrows done, and one of my best friends is coming in! Other than that, there’s nothing crazy going on here except for the usual hoard of unsufferable tourists.

Today, I’m putting up a post that I’ve been dreading doing, but knew that I needed to do it. Back in February I set myself a goal to lose 13 pounds by the end of March, just in time for Alumni Weekend. That didn’t happen. THEN. in April I told myself I would get back on that mentality, but start doing better at it. That never happened either. Now, we’re nearing the end of June, and I knew that if I didn’t get this post up, I would probably never find the energy or motivation to get to where I want to be physique-wise. So, as much as I hate to put myself out there, today we’re tackling my physique update, along with updates on my fitness and nutrition.

Back on March 3rd, 2018, my scale recorded the following data:

147.4 lbs, 27.8 BMI, 22.1% Body Fat, 114.8lbs fat-free body weight, 53.5% body water, 45.4% skeletal muscle, 108.0lbs muscle mass, 6.8lbs bone mass, 18.7% protein.

Now this morning, on June 22, 2018, this is what my scale recorded:

142.6lbs, 26.9 BMI, 21.3% Body Fat, 112.2lbs fat-free body weight, 54.0% body water, 45.9% skeletal muscle, 105.6lbs muscle mass, 6.8lbs bone mass, 18.9% protein.


So yes, I improved in overall weight, BMI, and body fat percentage. However, I now have less fat-free body weight, along with less muscle mass. I can’t say I’m surprised by this though because I literally never have time to lift weights anymore. With my hectic schedule, I’m really only finding time to fit in HIIT workouts, with the occasional heavy lifting day when my days-off aren’t jam-packed.

In terms of body measurements, I stay pretty consistent. My neck, shoulders, and calves all stayed the same. However, I dropped from 34” to 33” in my chest, from 14” to 11.5” in my upper arms, from 27.5” to 27” in my waist, from 37.5” to 36.5” in my hips, and from 21.5” to 21” in my thighs. I want to say these changes are due to a drop in muscle mass in these areas, but it could also be a drop in fat.

I have noticed that, thanks to my job, I felt I looked slimmer recently. I mean, it certainly helps that I’m on my feet for up to 11 hours a day, including the time it takes me to walk to and from work. Even if I’m just working at the registers during my shift, it’s still a lot of running around. So definitely going from pretty sedentary aka unemployed to an extremely active job definitely has helped.

However, my biggest area of improvement is my diet. While I’m trying to slim down, I understand that I’m going to be losing muscle mass, so I’m fine with those numbers decreasing due to less strict weight-lifting days. The one thing I’m finding hard to tackle is my nutrition. I’m still having my meals ordered from Icon, and I’m still doing intermittent fasting when I can. But, it’s hard to stick to a schedule when one day I can work 12-9, and the next I can work 9-5.

I’m not actively tracking macros, although I’m trying to eat the same general foods everyday, so I know that based on that, I’m getting around 1300 calories, 130g of carbs, 35g of fats, and 92g of protein, which is just about where my macros should be.

I try and allow myself only one cheat day, which is typically Friday for dinner. However, one cheat meal often extends into two cheat meals, or picking up some extra snacky food for when I’m hanging around my apartment. I know that I definitely need to do better in grocery stores. I alwasy get so tempted when I’m shopping for frozen fruits for my smoothies to just walk down the aisle and see their ice cream selection. Or when I’m picking up my rice cakes, I’ll grab a box of cookies that are right there.

I just finished my Precision Nutrition certification, so I definitely want to start trying to incorporate some of their tactics into my daily life, to help my relationship with food. I know that I definitely don’t want to restrict myself, which is why I give myself a cheatmeal to look forward to, but I know that if I don’t set some pretty strict guidelines for myself, I’ll continue to rely on just exercise alone to help me reach my goals.

I’ll definitely be adding some pictures in of my physique so you can see that I’m not just fudging these numbers. However, I’m more focused on getting this post up, and getting off to my eyebrows more than anything else.

If you guys have any suggestions or tips for how you’ve stuck with diets/healthy eating, definitely drop those in the comments below. I’ll definitely try all the advice I can get, even if that means wearing a rubber band at the grocery store and snapping it when I get tempted.

But, until next time!





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