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Another day, another dollar. Happy Monday! Welcome to the beginning of another week exactly like the previous ones, am I right?! I started watching Brooklyn Nine Nine during one of my days off this week, and now my productivity has decreased by 600% because any chance I get where I SHOULD be productive, I’m instead watching Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Should I be studying for my nutrition exams? Yes. Should I be cleaning my apartment? Definitely. Should I be working out? You betcha. Should I be pre-writing blog posts like this one so that I can maintain my schedule? Hell yeah. But nope, instead I’m watching Brooklyn Nine Nine. Don’t worry, I still make time to shower and paint my nails, the important things in life.

Anyway, I somehow managed to tear myself away from Brooklyn Nine Nine (B99 if you will) for enough time to write this post. Just kidding, I’m watching an episode in the background, so apologies if this post as more typo’s than normal, I’m 50% distracted.

Back when I decided to commit to the Cruelty Free lifestyle, the hardest thing to do was finding everyday lifestyle products that fit the bill. Cosmetics and hair products were easy because that already had a decent amount of brands working towards the cause. However, finding things like toothbrushes, razors, and swiffer supplies proved to require more than just one google search.

Even when I thought I had figured out everything, companies decided to let me down! It’s like they weren’t even thinking about HOW HARD my life was at that point already without having to worry about finding the right products!?

Flash forward nearly three years later and I’ve been a real adult for a year aka I’ve been living on my own for a year. When you live alone, it presumably means you’re going to be cleaning your apartment yourself, which presumably means you need to invest in cleaning products to do said cleaning. For that I present to you the names Method and Seventh Generation.

Method has a ton of great cleaning products for literally evey type of surface, along with hand soap, body wash, laundry detergent, and dryer sheets. I’ll be frank that the scents aren’t the best, but they’re not entirely repulsive so I’ll take it! I would recommend not investing in the “daily” cleaning products because like they don’t work as well as the heavy duty normal products.

Seventh Generation falls under the same umbrella. They have a boatload of cleaning products, but also things like dishwasher detergent pods, dish soap, paper towels, toilet paper, and feminine products! I haven’t used their cleaning products, but have accidently invested in 24 rolls of their paper towels, and eight bottles of their dish soap, so I gotta stand by those. They’re great quality, although idk if it’s my dishwasher or their pods, but my dishes never feel as clean as they should when I use their pods. But regardless, great stuff!

Tom’s of Maine is my go-to company for all things oral care. They’ve got toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, and even tooth brushes. THEY EVEN SELL DEODORANT! I use their whitening and anti-plaque toothpaste, and I’ll admit that the taste took a little while to get used to, but now it’s totally fine! Their toothbrushes are manual (is that even the right word to use?), but a great electric toothbrush option is Burst. It’s a new subscription toothbrush developed by dental hygenists that’s coming for Quip. They also have cruelty-free whitening strips, which is something I literally have not found until I discovered these things.

But I think the real winner of this post is the brand Dropps. It took me two whole ass years to find cruelty-free laundry packs. I don’t know what it is, but I just hate using actual laundry detergent. I’m here for the convenience of throwing in a pod and calling it a day. So imagine my HAPPINESS when I stumbled upon these beauties. They sell laundry detergent packs and booster packs that help with things like stains and smells. I chuck one of each in, as any normal person would, and like I’d like to think it does the job well. And they don’t look like candy so I doubt you’ll be seeing the Dropp Pacs challenge anytime soon.

Other honorable mentions for lifestyle products include Oui Shave, SheaMoisture, No. 7 and Bull Dog men’s shaving cream (honestly why don’t drugstores sell cruelty-free women’s shaving products). The one thing I still literally have not found a cruelty-free replacement for is any Swiffer product. THE CONVENIENCE THEY PROVIDE IS UNMATCHED BY ANY COMPANY OUT THERE HOW THE HECK DO THEY DO IT. I’m still on the hunt, so stay tuned for any updates (I feel like I end a lot of posts like this, but never update ya’ll, why am I like this.)

So, while it’s been a hard journey getting here, I’m glad that I could save any of you the hardships of trying to track down cruelty free products to fully transition your life (unless you’ve sold your soul to Swiffer like myself, then we’re in the same boat).

These products are some of my favorites, but let me know if you have any favorites that tick the lifestyle box drop it in the comments below (especially if it replaces a swiffer, can you tell I’m seriously struggling!?).

But, until next time.




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