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Honestly I can’t believe I’m writing this post already! While June hasn’t been a crazy busy month, I still don’t understand how it went by so quickly! What happened in June for me? Well, I officially decided to stay in the city for another year, I started my apartment rennovations/ redecoration, and I survived my second month at my new job. Oh yeah, and I started a kickball league, which is great for making friends but not so great when I have to talking to people for hours at work while I’m hungover! Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

As we’re now officially in July, it’s that time again where I talk about my roundup of favorites this month and try and convince you all reading this to purchase it, like evey good beauty influencer on the internet. Let’s stop the chit-chat and get right into it!

My June 2018 Favorites


This has been something I’ve needed to address for a while now, and what better time than in my monthly favorites. Little over two months ago, I was unable to place an online order through Ulta. Tried again a few weeks later, same thing happened. I call guest services, they tell me my account has been flagged for review. A month after that, my account still hasn’t been reviewed so I call again. A week after, I get an email saying I’m no longer able to place online orders. BUT THEY WON’T GIVE ME A REASON. They basically say “well we’re doing it because we can and we don’t have a reason for you.” So I email back, I get the same reponse. There’s literally only 1 Ulta in all of Manhattan, and it’ll take me over an hour to get to it, so ordering online is literally the only way I’m going to continue shopping with Ulta. I tell them this, AND THEY HAVE THE NERVE TO MANSPLAIN ME BY SAYING “WE HAVE OVER 900 LOCATIONS ACROSS THE US. PLUS WHEN YOU SHOP IN STORE YOU CAN RECIEVE BETTER EXPERIENCES” BLAH BLAH BLAH. Bitch I fucking know all of this, I worked for your fucking company for three years do NOT come for me like this. So, needless to say, Ulta is dead to me and I will continue to bash them until the day I die.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation

In a happier turn of events, this foundation is God. Yes, it’s a full coverage foundation, and in this heat, who really wants to be caking their face full of product? Well, I’m glad you asked! The trick for that is using the ole beautyblender. With this foundation, a little goes a long way, and thanks to the beautyblender, that’s even more true. It gives a really beautiful, natural finish without feeling too heavy like a normal full coverage foundation. Plus, it really holds it’s own against sweat, which in this heat is A1.

KL Polish

I’ve talked about these polishes before in my Top 10 Favorite Nail Polish post, but never in an official favorites yet. This line of colors, started by YouTuber KathleenLights is literally amazing. I’ll be honest, the shade range isn’t my favorite (I’d go for Urban Decay polish colors anyday) but the formulation is incredible! Working in retail is not the safest environemnt for nails, and any other brand of polish I tried definitely does not hold up. KL Polish, however, will literally stay on for days. Sure, there will be moderate wear and tear after a week, but huge chips aren’t noticeable. Plus I’ve been able to start to re-do my polish collection with all cruelty free colors since the launch of this brand, thanks to the fact that most of her colors are basics/staples. They’re most creme finish, with the odd glitter/holographic polish thrown in, and are all cruelty free. Her launches are my favorite

Burst ToothBrush

One day, I was scrolling through FaceBook and saw a woman brushing a dirty ear of corn, and obviously I had to stop and watch the video. Basically, she covered an ear of corn with coffee grounds, and used three different tooth brushes, a regular one, an electric, and this thing called the Burst toothbrush. NOW, let me tell you my surprise when the Burst toothbrush literally cleaned that ear of corn right up!!!!! So naturally I had to buy it. Basically, this toothbrush was created by a dental student, in conjuction with hygeniests and dentists, in order to create a product that the community felt happy with. It features a head that spins at 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute (WHICH IS A HUGE NUMBER), and a charcoal brush head, which is not only soft, but helps to whiten teeth as well. In addition to that, they have coconut oil whitening strips (which are cruelty free). It’s a subscription service, so after your initial purchase, they send you new brush heads every 3 months for $5.

Dermalogica Daily Resurfacer

It should literally come as no surprise that a Dermalogica product is featured not once, but TWICE in my monthly favorites. In January I had a facial at the Dermalogica store here in SoHo, and my esthetician recommended I get this product. It’s a chemical exfoliant that’s gentle enough for everyday use, and comes in a neat little finger-glove pouch. It’s supposed to help brighten your skin/even out skin tone, which wasn’t really a huge concern for me, since I typically just wear makeup everyday. However, it’s the only thing that works to keep my skin clear of dry patches. It leaves my skin feeling so soft, and I literally just want to keep touching my face all day. I wish they would pay me to talk about their products because I truly love them so much.

Dermalogica PreCleanse Balm

I do believe I’ve talked about their PreCleanse oil before on my blog. I would be surprised if I haven’t. I’ve even been trying to convince my friends to pick it up as a makeup remover because it’s so good. However, the original PreCleanse was a bitch to travel with, because the container couldn’t be locked, and the oil would get everywhere. Well, now they’ve heard our prayers, and created a balm to oil formulation that is just as great but EASIER TO TRAVEL WITH. It also comes with this neat little glove that helps to give a little exfolitation and get right into the pores, so all traces of makeup are getting wiped away. I use this product eveynight, even if I haven’t worn makeup, because it just helps my skin to feel clean, which is sometimes hard in this city. 10/10 the best way to get makeup off your face forever.

It’s been a slow month for favorites, especially since most of my time and money has been spent on my apartment rather than trying out new things, but I’m feeling confident that July will have plenty of favorites to go around!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products, and what’s one thing you’ve been loving during the month of June. Scary that we’re not over halfway through 2018, but we’re also just that much closer to being able to recreate the Roaring 20’s and all things Gatsby!

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