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Now now now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves! I’m sure you saw the title of this post and got confused. “That’s not a fitness-related title!!!” And yeah, you’re right, but bear with me here. I’m a personal trainer, but I’m also a nutrition coach. We all know that fitness and nutrition/diet go hand in hand. I can’t just focus ONLY on exercises and all that good jazz. No no, instead we’re branching out today and talking about something that could be controversial.

I’ll be honest with you, when I saw the headline for this article, I was confused. Surely recycling, or not using plastic straws, or SOMETHING has got to have a bigger impact on the environment than cutting out meat and dairy?! In an article, published by the Guardian (which will be linked below), they summarize a the largest comprehensive analysis of the damage farming does to the planet to date.

According to this study, without meat and dairy consumption, global farmland use could be reduced bt more than 75%!!!!!! Like that’s huge! The article also states that 83% of farmland is dedicated to the production of meat and dairy productions (i.e rasing livestock and arigculture). However, this only leads to only 18% of global calories and 37% of global protein production. In comparison to the amount of land utilized, that production amount is literally so low.

There’s a lot of flack on the vegan diet, so I’m sure skeptics are going to say this was funded by vegans in order to try and influence people to adopt their lifestyle blah blah blah, but that’s not true. The scientists behind this study created a dataset based on 40,000 farms in 119 different countries and covering 40 products that represent 90% of all that is eaten. That’s a lot of time and effort dedicated to compiling this data in order to help people understand something.

It should literally come as no surprise that we as humans are killing the earth. We’re growing at a rate that is unsustainable, and in order to accomodate for the rise in birthrates, we’re expanding our reach and cutting down habitats for numerous species’. However, some people just don’t care. I’ll be honest with all of you, I myself can do 100 times better at recyclcing. I’m not out here to make excuses for myself, but I’m just lazy. I didn’t grow up in a family that recycles, and often I throw something away without thinking of where it might end up at the end of it’s lifecycle.

I’m much the same when it comes to the idea of being vegan. And I’m sure many people can relate. I didn’t grow up being a huge meat eater, but boy do I love dairy. I love all the dairy products, I do not discriminate. And now I even eat a fair amount of meat and other proteins on a daily basis as well. It’s easy and convenient to cook chicken, or fish, or even order a burger when I’m hungry, as opposed to having to seek out vegan options or spend time cooking. That may sound lazy to some of you, but clearly I’m a lazy person.

It’s 2018, and there’s more vegan options readily available than there were even just a few years ago. I mean, I work right behind a By Chloe, where I could easily go for lunch. And there are even plenty of vegan meal prep services (even though they are slightly more expensive than what I use now). I’m not saying it’s IMPOSSIBLE, but it’s definitely something you’ll have to push yourself for and stay consistent.

I’d love to be completely vegan one day. I do the best I can to stay vegan with my lifestyle products, but clearly that isn’t enough. By cutting down on farmland products like meats and dairy, it’ll stop the destruction of wildlife habitats, and decrease greenhouse gases, among many other things that will benefit the planet and future generations.

I know this was probably an unexpected topid for a Friday post, but I found the article interesting, especially for someone who wants to do better to help the environment. It’s definitely worth taking a read through. Maybe we can all commit to trying a vegan day together, or even doing Meatless Monday’s!

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