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Happy Monday! I spent this past weekend at home because Ciruqe Du Soleil is in town, and if there’s something my whole family can agree on, it’s that Cirque Du Soleil fucking slaps. I’m planning a trip to Vegas for a week not to go out and party, but to see all the Cirque Du Soleil shows out there. But you know what else fucking slaps? Glam 4 Good.

I don’t know when I first stubmled upon Glam 4 Good. It could’ve been through Google, or through a brand’s partnership with them that I was following up on. However I found it, I became obsessed with it. For those who don’t know, I was a Social Entrepreneurship major in college (if you care). Basically, that focused on the idea of empathy and the triple bottom line within any business initiative you set out on. As such, and being as obsessed with cosmetics as I am, it should really come as no surprise that I’m obsessed with this initiative.

“What is Glam4Good?” you may be asking yourself. Well, I’m so glad you asked, because I’m here to teach you all about it. So, buckle up and let’s take a journey, shall we?

According to their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, Glam4Good is, “…an empowerment platform, community, non-profit and for-purpose company that ignites positive social change through beauty and style.”

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There’s a lot to unpack there. Basically, Glam4Good is not just a non-profit. Rather, it seeks to empower and inform their community members through social initiatives, blog posts, events, photo spotlights, and so much more. Scrolling through their website, you can tell that they’re not putting themselves into one box. They’re celebrating life as it appears everyday: messy, imperfect, and totally unique.

Everyone always used to ask me why I loved cosmetics so much. The answer was always simple: it gave me confidence. As I’ve grown older, I’m able to be myself with or without makeup, but when I was back in high school, I never went a day without it. I needed those layers of protection to help me feel better about myself during a time when I felt like I was scrutnized by my peers and by society. Glam4Good emphasizes the same sort of ideals through both cosmetics and fashion, and spotlights individuals who embody unrestrained confidence even through times of hardship.

Their current initiative is helping pediatric patients in Puerto Rico, along with their families and hospital staff. A link to their crowdsourcing page will be linked at the end of this post if you want to donate. I think the message behind this initiative is incredible. On their crowdfunding page, it states, “GLAM4GOOD will provide new children’s clothing, accessories, eye care, toys, and learning tools to these brave little ones. GLAM4GOOD will also provide personal care items, accessories, eye wear and new wardrobes to the hospital families, community and staff.”

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Toys, learning tools, and personal care items are all definitely necessary to help not only pass the time, but allow others to look after themselves while their children are under immense stress. However, I was struck by the mention of clothing, accessories and eye wear. I don’t immediately consider these items to be of high importance within hospitals. However, it’s sort of along the same lines as why I love makeup.

For many people, individuality often stems from the way they outwardly present themselves. A sense of personal fashion can help people blend in, stand out, make a statement, or feel comfortable in their own bodies. Yes, the people of Puerto Rico were devastated by the hurricane’s last year, but these individuals that Glam4Good are seeking to help may also need to regain confidence or a sense of self during hardship.

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Through their Glam4Good Foundation, they partner with non-profits, media outlets, fashion, and beauty companies to help ingnite change and inspire confidence through makeovers, clothing giveaways, and everyday initiatives. I think sometimes people forget the power little things like clothes or makeup can have on someones outlook for a day, or even of the rest of their lives.

I love this organization, and hope that some of you will have a chance to check it out and help them in future endeavors.

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  1. Lane!!!! This post is so awesome and we are grateful for your support and love for GLAM4GOOD!!!! Thank you for helping us spread our mission with your incredible sentiments and love for what we are doing! You are the ultimate #GLAM4GOODgirl and we would be so happy to have you as a volunteer at one of our initiatives so please reach out!!!

    With gratitude,
    Mary Alice Stephenson
    Founder, GLAM4GOOD

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