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Hey. Hi. Hello!

I’m late getting this up, I know!!! Had everything gone according to plan last night, I would’ve had this go up at the usual 1:30 time, but that obviously didn’t happen! I ended up taking A NAP after work (which is something I NEVER do), and stayed out a little TOO late at the bar (ok no, I didn’t stay out that late, but I drank way too much and really don’t know how I made it home alive, shouts out to my body for tolerating me).

ANYWHO, if you can’t tell by the title of this post, we’re tackling a day in my life!! I had intended this to be a day in the life for yesterday, but honestly yesterday was not a usual day for me, so I don’t think it’s a good indication of how boring my life truly is. Due to that, we’re gonna do a little bit of filling holes and replacing events with what I would actually do!

5:00 AM


Wake up!!! I work retail, so my schedule changes all the time. Somedays I don’t wake up until 10:30, but usually I’m up around 8:30ish. This day was unusual because I had to be in at work by 7:00am to help merchandise and price-point for our big 50% off sale going on! My first step after waking up is always snapchatting to #SaveThoseStreaks, and if I have time I’ll lay around and scroll through other apps. BUT NOT TODAY, I had to get up and get at!

5:10 AM


After making my bed and turning off the AC to save on my energy bill or whatever, I hustle to the bathroom and work through my skincare routine. It usually takes me around 5-10 minute (I’ve definitely made a post about my skincare routine, if you’re a true fan you know).

5:20 AM


Makeup time! I mean, check out that sick makeup set-up, I’m a #BeautyGuru. I always watch something while I’m getting ready in the morning, moreso for background noise to get my brain working. Sometimes it’ll be a movie, or TV reruns, or a podcast like I did today (Froning and Friends, featuring Rich Froning of CrossFit fame. Love watching people do CrossFit, will never do it myself). I prefer to watch the podcasts instead of listening to them because I’m a visual person and such. On a normal day, this routine takes me about 20 minutes to get through? I’ll do a makeup routine post/video sometime, when I figure my life out.

5:40 AM


Get dressed!!! With a shift this early, I literally just threw on the first things my hands touched, and the same black boots I always wear. My hair was feeling a little frizzy from the insane humidity the day before, so I tried to tame it with a fishtail braid, but it still got away from me at most points, but whatever, this was the best you were going to get out of me at 5:40 in the morning. Also forgot that we were doing a Theme Thursday at work so definitely didn’t dress to fit that.

6:05 AM

Make breakfast! I usually make the same thing for breakfast everyday, unless I’m working a middle of the day shift, which then I’ll have a smoothie bowl that’ll fill me up for a while. Normal breakfast is two rice cakes with peanut butter, nutella (or more precisely Justin’s version of nutella), strawberries and raspberries. Then I’ll sometimes post game that with a yogurt or a cheese stick if I’m still hungry. This is when I take my vitimins and chug some ice cold New York Tap Water. #Lit

6:30 AM

Leave for work! I live 1.4 miles from work, and there’s really no convenient subway or bus stops near me that’ll get me there, so I opt to walk. It’s about a 30 minute walk, and I take the same route everyday, which helps because it means I could do it in my sleep (which is exactly what I did that day)!!!! It’s good to get at least some form of exercise in, especially with early shifts because sometimes I don’t have the energy to work out after.


Arrive to work! I had a short six hour shift, but since it’s retail you literally spend all of your time on your feet, so it gets exhausting real fast.

1:19 PM

Leave work!!! I was supposed to leave at 1, but got caught up helping track down some items for a super sweet customer on the phone, so I didn’t manage to escape until almost 1:30. Usually my shifts are around 8-9 hours, so having a short 6 hour shift was nice, but having to be there was not!

1:35 PM

Grocery shopping! I’ll go grocery shopping usually once a week, sometimes twice if my fruits have gone bad really fast. Since it’s New York, you can’t really buy a whole lot of things and expect to be able to survive the trip home. I picked up carrots, yogurts, vanilla waffers, and a corn muffin (and also some kitkats, which was a bad mistake made on my part, but that me after drinking decided to take care of and throw away, what a great lady!)

2:00 PM

Get home! I unpacked my groceries, heated up one of my icon meals for lunch (Chicken Parmesean and Raviolli), and watched The Originals! I loved The Vampire Diaries, and got into this show after that, since it’s a spinoff. I’m glad this show is on during the summer, because really nothing else is (but that just gives me more time to read!)

2:45 PM


This was the time I fell asleep until 4:30, but usually after I’ve eaten lunch, I’ll find something to watch on Netflix while I do some busy work around the apartment. I’m still working on getting some finishing touches for my redecoration, so I’ll usually look for inspiration on Pinterest. Or, I’ll plan out my schedule for the next few weeks. If I feel like I get to a good place with all of that, I’ll spend some time reading!

4:30 PM

Now, yesterday this is the time I woke up at to start getting ready for kickball, but on a day when I get out of work early, this is usually when I’ll head upstairs for a workout. I prefer to workout right when I wake up, but on early days that’s not an option since my gym isn’t open then. I also prefer to work out fasted, but usually by the time I get home, I’m starving and know I’ll need to eat something to work out well. Days like this are typically upper body workouts because the thought of doing squats or anythin when I’m definitely still digesting is awful.

6:00 PM

What time is it? Dinner time! I’ll typically eat dinner around 6:00/6:30, unless it’s a Thursday, because that’s when I play kickball, and will then try and eat a little earlier. I’m trying to stick to intermittent fasting as much as I can, because I’ve really noticed a difference in how I feel when I’m not doing it (I hate it, and feel like I’m bloated and have no energy ever). Usually with dinner (another Icon Meal, of course) I’ll have a Chobani Flipz yogurt (the Cookies and Cream flavor is THE SHIT. If you do/can eat yogurt you have to run out and buy this, or the s’mores, or the mint chocolate chip, OR ANY OF THEM I PROMISE YOU PLEASE DO IT).

8:30 PM

SHOWER!! After dinner, I’ll either sit on my couch watching TV, read, or talk to my mom for a bit. We talk everyday (HOW STINKIN CUTE), but sometimes I’m able to catch her on my way home from work or earlier in the day, it depends on when our schedules match up. If not, I’m reading and enjoy the sun. Could I be outside doing something productive during this time? Yeah. Am I going to? No, because I’m boring and this is what we get.

9:00 PM

Yeah, it takes me 30 minutes to shower. I put on some BOPS, and just have an all out party while I’m in there. Sure, my neighbors may hate me for my awful singing, but it could be worse! After showering, I’ll turn the AC on (set to a cool 65 degrees) and hop in bed. Like the rest of the day, I’m either watching TV or reading. Big shock.

10:30/11:00 PM

SLEEP! I value my sleep. If I don’t get enough of it, I’m not a happy camper. So I sleep early (except for last night when I think I fell asleep around midnight? Really could not tell you).

It’s nothing exciting, but that’s my day! In terms of the fitness side of things, this is what we’re looking at:

On an average day, I’ll burn around 1,700 calories. According to my Motiv ring, I’m doing around 20,000 steps a day, which gets me to just under 10 miles. I tell you, running around a store all day, even if it’s only for 6 hours, is a WORK OUT.

Macros look a little something like this (based on what I ate yesterday, minus all the beers, we’re going to forget about those beers)

1420 calories, 92 grams of protein, 98 grams of carbs, and 40 grams of fats.

TA-DA. I live a normal American life. I’m not like other bloggers, I’m a *normal* blogger! Hope you enjoyed, I know you were all THRILLED to the gills to learn this was what I was writing about. Now that it’s after 7, I’m going to go hide in my shower and sleep for the rest of eternity until I feel like I can be a functioning member of society again.

Until next time.




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